The Pandora brand is now one of the most successful in the global jewelry market. branded products PANDORA

are sold on 6 continents, and the number of countries where the company has branded offices has exceeded 70. How did the brand manage to achieve such recognition?

30 years PANDORA carries out the production of jewelry, and during this time interest in them is only growing. It seems that the manufacturer managed to transform the meaning of the expression «Pandora’s Box» and give it a more positive meaning. Especially since PANDORA literally translated as «omnipresent». But let’s leave aside the ancient Greek mythology and return to the history of the popular jewelry brand.

History PANDORA: how it all began

The conquest of the world began with a dream. It was 1982 when the Enevoldsen couple opened a tiny shop in Copenhagen. In it, they sold author’s handmade jewelry of very good quality: made of precious metals, glass and even wood, with stones and enamel coating. The assortment included elegant bracelets, unique rings, pendants. The design and quality of the jewelry won the hearts of customers in Denmark. Soon the whole Scandinavia and further — the whole European continent knew about the shop.

Five years later, having gained a hand in wholesale trade, the creators expanded the Pandora company: by hiring a personal designer, the spouses focus on the independent production of jewelry with a unique recognizable style. In 1989, production facilities are moved to Thailand: the modern history of the brand begins PANDORA.

The emergence of a modular bracelet

In 1999, Pandora entered the global market. And it didn’t just come out — it thundered on it and ensured successful sales growth for the future. The manufacturer owes this to designers Lone, Lizbeth, Lee and Madsom. It was they who created the concept of the Pandora Charm bracelet, which became the hallmark of the trademark. Bracelet sales started in 2000, and led the company to the first place in terms of profit in the factory jewelry market. Bracelets with a variety of charms are still the top product that developers of new collections are guided by.

Conquest of the USA and Australia

The history of the Pandora brand developed further: at the beginning of the 2000s, the company firmly established itself in the markets of the USA, Australia and Germany. Further, actively developing the distribution network, the brand continued to increase its presence. This required an increase in production capacity. For this, in 2005 PANDORA has already opened a personal factory in Thailand. Now it produces the main amount of jewelry for world buyers. But this is not the only factory: the second company opened in 2008, the third and fourth — in 2010. Traditionally, everyone works in Thailand.

2010 was marked by a change in the form of ownership: the company became a public joint stock company, successfully placing securities on the Copenhagen Trade Exchange. After 2 years, the total income of Pandora amounted to more than 900 million euros. This figure continues to rise over the years.

Pandora brand values

The company’s slogan is simple, but capacious: «Unforgettable moments.» It reflects the essence of the brand’s products: each piece of jewelry should remind women of the brightest and most pleasant life events. Collections it creates PANDORA, are united by an interesting principle: by collecting them, each woman will be able to demonstrate her life story, her character and other personal characteristics. This is the philosophy PANDORA is a component of the continued success of this company, whose history began with a dream.