Pandora was founded in 1982 by Dane Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winy. Then they opened a small jewelry store in Copenhagen and at first they sold gems that they bought in Thailand. After 5 years, the founders invited designer Lone to their team to bring to life a new idea — to develop their own collection of jewelry. In 2000, the first small batch of modular Pandora bracelets with a collection of charms went on sale in Denmark. The creators of the collection were surprised by the demand for jewelry. The women of Denmark were so delighted with the Pandora style that in a couple of months the volume of products produced increased several times. The Pandora charm bracelet has become an international phenomenon. To meet the ever-increasing demand, in 2005, Per and Vinny opened their own six-story jewelry factory in Bangkok.

In 2010, the PANDORA jewelry company became a joint stock company. Almost 4 thousand employees already worked in their workshops at that time. Exquisite jewelry Pandora by 2012 was already sold in 10,000 points of sale, in more than 65 countries on 6 continents.
Pandora jewelry is handmade, natural materials. Designers play a key role in creating PANDORA’s unique style. Each piece of jewelry is a piece of jewelry art. Designers develop modern and stylish jewelry that helps every woman to be elegant and unique every day.

All Pandora jewelry created by designers is made by skillful hands of master jewelers. From the first sketch to the finished product, every detail is the subject of their close attention.
All Pandora jewelry is made from high quality raw materials. Gold and silver of the highest standard are adorned with pearls, diamonds, sapphires, onyx, garnets, aquamarines and other precious stones of various colors. Based on 1000 years of tradition and special technologies, unique handmade Murano glass is born.
Each pendant is unique and has its own secret. Radiance and variability, magic, the secret play of light and color. Framed in high-quality silver, any pendant becomes a complete, perfect piece of jewelry art.
Pandora leather bracelets and textile laces undergo a special treatment that protects jewelry from scuffs and wear. In combination with silver or gold, such bracelets acquire amazing tenderness, nobility and style.
In our online store you can buy Pandora jewelry of both the newest and previous collections.