Step into the forbidden forest with the new Harry Potter x Pandora collection!

The latest collection of Harry Potter x Pandora is small, but it doesn’t matter! Choose from this beautiful collection to show off your favorite Harry Potter charms.

The Harry Potter X Pandora Autumn 2021 Collection will be released globally both in stores and online on Thursday, September 30, 2021.


Pendant Pandora Patronus Snape Lan (790013C01)

This beautiful double disc pendant is a magical emblem of eternal love. Doe Patronus Lily Potter stands framed by a silver blackberry, decorated with transparent cubic zirkonia. On the back hangs a silver disk depicting the Forbidden Forest, decorated with shimmering translucent blue enamel with “snowy” sparkles. Snape’s famous «Always» quote is engraved on the back of the disc to show his eternal love for Lily, and the sparkling stones are placed in the bale.


Rotating pendant Hedwig (760035C00)

Bring on the excitement of the new year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with this lovely two tone pendant. A gold-plated 14-carat gold disc rotates in the center of a silver ring. One side features a 9 3/4 platform sign, while the reverse side features a relief image of Hedwig the owl sitting next to Harry’s suitcases. Delicate beading adorns both sides of the silver base.


Pandora Harry Potter Winged Key Pendant (360034C01)

This intricate 14k gold-plated pendant is inspired by the enchanted flying keys that guarded the Philosopher’s Stone. The graceful wings are hand-finished in lilac and green with a stunning plique-à-jour enameling technique that allows light to pass through the design. Brilliant-cut zirconia is set into the base of the key for extra sparkle. My favorite detail is the broken wing on the flying key, which allows Harry to catch it.


Pandora Golden Snitch Stud Earrings (260025C00)

Create a fun look with these cute Harry Potter x Pandora Golden Snitch stud earrings. These magical 14k gold-plated studs are inspired by the smallest ball that seekers have to catch in the famous game of Quidditch. The tiny golden snitch is adorned with ribs and fluttering wings.

The Harry Potter x Pandora Autumn 2021 Collection will be released globally both in stores and online on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

While I’m not a Harry Potter fan, I think there are some amazing pieces of jewelry in the new Harry Potter x Pandora collection. It may be a mini-release, but it’s full of quality designs. My favorite is the magnificent Winged Key Pendant with incredibly beautiful enamel! I’m really looking forward to seeing this enameling technique in future Pandora designs.

What do you think of the new Harry Potter x Pandora collection? What items are on your wish list? Share with us in the comments below…