The birth of a child is a special event that deserves to be celebrated properly. On this occasion, in many countries of the world, it is customary to present special gifts.

The traditional option is jewelry for the birth of a child, which will be pleasant souvenirs and memories for many years. It is inappropriate to buy sweets, as well as toys, clothes and other things that the baby will quickly grow out of.

What jewelry to choose for the birth of a child?

If the family consists of three people — a man, a woman and a child — products with three precious stones are given. These are usually pendants.

If you believe in the powerful power of stones, then focus on choosing jewelry with a stone that goes well with the baby’s birth month.

  • Patrons of garnet jewelry were born in January.
  • It is customary to give an amethyst ring to a girl who was born in February. The birth of the March princess is celebrated with aquamarine earrings.

  • April — with silver zircon earrings, classic diamonds or cubic zirconia.

  • May is associated with green emerald.

  • June — with natural pearls.

  • Hot July — with a red ruby.

  • August — with olivine.

  • September — with sapphire.

  • October — with opal.

  • In November, jewelry gifts for the birth of a baby with topaz are appropriate.

  • In December — with tanzanite.

An interesting idea is the choice of jewelry according to the typical colors of the gender of the child:

  • for a girl, earrings, a ring, a chain made of silver, decorated with pink amethyst, are suitable;

  • for a boy — a pendant with blue aquamarine or topaz.

If the child’s parents live according to Christian or Catholic values, then the optimal jewelry is inspired by faith and symbolizes a talisman against the evil eye.

A popular and common gift for babies is a silver pendant in the shape of a heart, which symbolizes love, and a baby leg with a pink or blue stone insert. Sometimes such products are engraved with the child’s name, date of birth or wishes.

A thin necklace or a leather bracelet with a prayer to the Guardian Angel or with a pendant in the shape of an angel deserve attention. They are suitable for both boys and girls — both for birth and for baptism.

Silver earrings with fairies will be a magical gift for a girl. The little lady will wear them only in a few years, but she will definitely appreciate the beauty of this delicate decoration.

Why are children given silver spoons?

The useful properties of silver explain why in many countries a silver spoon is given to every child. They often do:

  • name engraving,

  • date of birth,

  • age,

  • weight,

  • baby’s growth

Scientists have proven that when using silver cutlery during meals, colloidal silver is produced in the mouth, which is an excellent natural antibiotic. Since silver has antibacterial properties, most pathogenic microorganisms known for their toxic effect die on its surface. Its ions, after getting into food and water, have a disinfecting effect. Getting into the body, they increase its resistance to colds and infections.

What do girls and boys get for the first tooth?

The European custom of celebrating the appearance of a child’s first tooth at 6-9 months has taken root in Ukraine as well. Godparents, relatives and close friends of the family are invited to the festive dinner. They wish the baby good health and luck in everything.

Products made of silver are brought up, because it has long been known that it attracts good and prosperity, protects against spoilage and the evil eye.

A figurine made of this precious metal was placed as a talisman against evil forces in a baby’s crib immediately after the birth of a new person. It is necessary to tap the first tooth with a silver spoon so that others grow painlessly, and the baby himself grows up healthy and smart.

Important criteria should be considered when choosing a silver spoon:

  1. weight and dimensions. Cutlery for children is made in different sizes — from miniature to standard. Small models up to 5 g are souvenirs. Coffee up to 15 g — optimal for introducing complementary foods. A teaspoon with a convenient wide handle, without small details and patterns, weighing 25-30 g, the child will eat by himself after a year;
  2. design. Spoons with crystals and colored inserts in the form of flowers, bows, hearts, gilded openwork elements are suitable for girls. For boys — decorated with black or colored enamel, gilding, depicting animals, stars, angels. Universal options: the inscription «On a tooth», name engraving, religious symbols (the face of the patron Saint, the prayer «Save and Preserve», the image of a grapevine, the inscription «Godmother» or «Godfather»).
  3. Quality. According to the standard, the gift children’s spoon is made of carefully polished 925 silver without sharp edges, with a factory seal and stamp.

It is also customary to give:

  • a decorative box for storing the first baby tooth,

  • silver rattle

  • pendant in the form of a star or an angel,

  • commemorative incense medallion,

  • a bell with an inscription or colored enamel,

  • sets, including spoons, cups, forks and drinking glasses, in a gift box.

Such gifts will certainly evoke positive emotions. Having grown up, the child will be happy to keep them and use them. In the future, he will pass it on to his children as a valuable family heirloom.