How does Pandora feel about flowers? In general, how can a jewelry brand literally created for girls behave? Only positive! One has only to go to the site and you will see a huge world of jewelry in one way or another related to flowers. Necklaces, rings, earrings, charms, bracelets — flowers are everywhere! Is it good? Yes. Women love flowers and everything connected with them.

Each flower is a character, style and meaning. Pandora gives us the opportunity to make our favorite flower a symbol or simply immortalize it in a ring. Perfect decoration, right? Let’s put emotions aside and take a closer look at what Pandora offers in her “flower story”!

“Flower story” in products from Pandora

Pandora is a brand for the beautiful half of humanity. The jewelry house made sure that there were enough flowers for everyone here. Pandora has its own hallmarks, which are no less popular, but the “flower story” has always won women’s hearts! Here there are flowers in all directions:

  • bracelets;
  • charms;
  • pendants;
  • rings;
  • dividers;
  • connecting chains;
  • necklace.

Each of them has products with flowers or in the form of flowers. Ardent fans can choose for themselves any jewelry or whole sets on this topic.


Pandora bracelets are works of art. In the history of flowers, products can be divided into two types:

  1. Completely from flowers.
  2. Partially decorated with flowers.

For example, the bracelet “Daisies” can be attributed to the first type. The decoration consists of daisies, which are interconnected. Each next stem is attached to the previous flower. All elements are generously studded with cubic zirconia stones. Such a bracelet will resemble a delicate wreath on the wrist.

The second type of bracelets from the «flower story» includes models that are simply decorated with flowers. What does it mean? The main part of the bracelet is a standard shape, which is inherent in products from Pandora. The decoration of such models is a clasp, which Pandora’s jewelers make in different forms. For example, a bracelet from the “Pandora Moments” collection with a charm clasp. Here, the clasp is made in the form of a flower and decorated with purple zirconium. In other words, a small bead performs two roles at once. The first is the clasp, the second is the decoration. Similar examples are the bracelets “With daisy clasp” and “Flowers”.


The most popular jewelry from Pandora is charms. Small beads that are worn on the bracelet appeared the very first among all products. “Flower story” in charms is one of the most popular themes. That is why there are so many such decorations. We will not talk about each, but will explain how to figure out such a number of jewelry and give some vivid examples. All charms on the “flower theme” are several types:

  • Charm in the shape of a flower
    Especially original and bright look charms that are made in the shape of a flower. To create small masterpieces, Pandora used peach flowers, orchids and daisies as examples. For example, a charm clip from the Pandora Reflexions collection “Sparkling Daisy”. Very similar to the original. For lovers of orchids, there is a decoration “White Orchid”. And the most unexpected option is “Peach Blossom”. Or a piece of jewelry from the Pandora Rose collection “Sparkling Peach Blossom”. They look gentle and unusual.
  • Charms decorated with flowers
    This type of jewelry looks like an ordinary charm in its shape, but it is decorated with flowers. Successful examples are the charms “Magnolia Flower”, “Colors of the Tropics”, “Meadow of White Flowers”, “Openwork White Chamomile”.
  • Murano
    Murano is a separate type of charm produced by Pandora. Its peculiarity is the use of Murano glass, which can be of different colors, shapes and types. This allows you to make the charm faceted, colored and even decorated with flowers. For example, the product «Blossoming Garden» is ideal for those who want to diversify the color scheme on the bracelet. And the Glass Flowers and Peach Blossom charms go well with delicate pink and white tones. The peculiarity of such jewelry is that the flowers and patterns on Murano glass are as if inside the charm.


A pendant is a movable piece of jewelry that is attached to a bracelet. It consists of a fastening part and a main decoration. It is the second part of the bracelet that is most often decorated with flowers. Most of the collections include such products.

In addition, there are several themed pendants from classic individual jewelry «White primrose», «Bouquet of daisies».

Rings and necklaces

“Flower Story” from Pandora in rings is daisies, lots of daisies! For some reason, this particular flower is most used in ring models. For example, the “Shining Daisy” ring consists of only flowers. But the mono-ring “Daisy” is a standard silver base with a large daisy flower. For the most dedicated daisy lovers, the Bouquet of Daisies ring will do. But not just daisies! You can buy a ring with other colors «Forget-Me-Not», «Oriental Flower».

As for the necklace, everything is more concise here. The two most suitable models for a floral story are the “Flower” and “Dazzling Daisies” necklaces.

Dividers and connecting chains

Dividers are useful decorations that allow you to sort groups of charms. At the same time, the separator did not stand aside. The beads are made for different collections from silver and coated with gold, and also decorated with flowers. The most striking example in our topic is the “Forget-me-not” separator.

As for the connecting chains, these are decorations that are designed to protect your bracelet from breaking. The product consists of fasteners and a chain. Pandora jewelers decorated both with flowers. For example, in the connecting chain «Daisies» fasteners are decorated with small flowers. And in the protective chain «Daisies» flowers adorn the chain itself. Dividers and connecting chains are the perfect combination of beauty and utility.

Summing up

Pandora’s Flower Story is an extravaganza of possibilities for those who love jewelry with flowers. Here you can create not only a bracelet, but also a whole image on one topic. The brand made sure that every girl could choose for herself what she really likes. That is why flowers in Pandora are present in most of her collections, and also adorn not only charms and pendants, but also rings, connecting chains, necklaces and bracelets.

? What does Pandora suggest about flowers?

Pandora is a universal jewelry for every taste. The color theme is fully present here. You can buy jewelry of your favorite brand with a picture or in the form of flowers.

? What are flower charms?

Original jewelry, which is presented in the form of a certain flower. They can be embellished with cubic zirconia stones or enamel.

? How to fold a bracelet with flowers?

Pandora is an opportunity to create an individual piece of jewelry. If you love flowers and everything related to them, then there is an opportunity to decorate your wrist with flower charms. In addition, the brand has released a lot of jewelry with flowers in all directions, you just need to turn on the fantasy.

? How much is the flower bracelet?

The cost of all jewelry from Pandora is individual. It all depends on what kind of foundation you choose and decorations on it.