Eye-catching fashionable earrings can make a woman look truly phenomenal, make her stand out from the crowd, and feel confident. How to choose them in accordance with current fashion trends? Let’s figure it out.

Cuff earring: how to wear and what to combine with?

Cuffs are earrings that have more than one fastening on the ear, or those that are attached in different places of the ear without piercing, repeating its curve.

The clasp can turn the jewelry up along the ear or have an attached element that looks from behind the lobe below or to the side.

Despite the fact that the coffee earring is considered a novelty in the jewelry world, this accessory has already managed to gain popularity due to its originality and reliability. It looks chic and self-sufficient, provided it is correctly matched to the size of the ear and the length of the lobe, so it is worn as a single earring. It refreshes the usual image, but requires the creation of a high hairstyle, otherwise this beauty cannot be seen.

Why should you buy two-sided ball earrings?

These are models that can be worn both on the front and back of the ear.

The back part is often decorative. In the front — there is a typical carnation or a classic ball. Moreover, it is larger in size than the back, which is made specifically to draw attention to the earlobe. Double-sided earrings can be worn differently each time, which allows you to create new fashionable looks. Pearl variants of different colors are the most popular.

What are climber and crawler earrings?

These are called werewolf earrings or transformers with a clasp in the form of a clip. They look like miniature snakes running along the ears, or openwork twigs inlaid with crystals or pearls. Their base holds the clove or cuff, but it is important that they fit well to the earlobe.

Asymmetric earrings are a trend of 2019

An interesting offer for women who love classic accessories in unusual forms. Models that differ from each other in length, shape, color and even design are suitable as everyday jewelry or can be used as a decorative element that complements an evening outfit. To achieve harmony in the image, they should still have at least one common detail — the same shade or cut of stones.

What are the features of Jacket earrings?

Practical and original carnations with a pendant — a new design of jewelry. They are so named because they are also easy to remove, just like a jacket thrown over the shoulders. The decorative pendant is removable. It is easy to combine it with pussets or Congo earrings — that’s how the earrings are called rings. In order for the jewelry to look harmonious in the ear, the length of the stem and the location of the piercing should be taken into account.

How to choose modern earrings?

Ear jewelry should perfectly match the shape of the face.

  • Silver earrings in the shape of squares or triangles are best suited for an oval face, but you can freely experiment with any models.

  • For triangular or narrow — short gold earrings with a modern design or square-shaped pussets with pendants in the form of massive beads, as well as double-sided ball earrings. It is desirable that they be simple — without expressive decor and bright inserts.

  • For wide square earrings-rings of spherical or round shape.

  • For the round — models with vertical elements, including clips and drops, as well as a long mono earring that visually stretches the face.

On which ear do women wear the second earring?

Previously, it was believed that two earrings in the right ear are worn by people of a traditional orientation, in the left — they prefer same-sex relationships. Today, it does not matter much, but depends more on the models of jewelry and the location of the piercing in the ear.

Usually, the second piercing is done in only one ear. In the main hole, large earrings-rings, pendants, brushes or chandeliers are worn, and in additional (second or third) — carnations or poussettes. It is desirable that they were made in the same style or in the same color scheme.

In addition to the aesthetic component, safety is important — so that the earrings do not catch on each other and on clothes. The upper one should be the smallest, the lower one should be large.

Despite the transience and changeability, the same jewelry remains in fashion. Only the ways of wearing and ideas of combining with other accessories change. To get inspired and diversify your jewelry wardrobe, take a look at our catalog, which presents the most popular and fashionable jewelry.