Imagine that you are choosing or have already bought a beautiful dream bracelet…

Sister advises: «Put it on your right wrist.»

Beloved recommends wearing it on the left hand.

But what if they are used to wearing watches or other favorite jewelry? Read this article, and the problem of which hand to wear the bracelet on will be solved by itself.

Which hand is the bracelet worn on?

The bracelet will complement the outfit, emphasize the individual style, the beauty of women’s and the strength of men’s hands. Most jewelry looks great on display, in a store, or in a photograph, but it may look different on your hand. Therefore, many stylists consider the correct selection and wearing of bracelets to be a true art, when a person feels comfortable in it, and the accessory matches the style.

In no country in the world there are uniform rules for which hand men and women wear a bracelet on. This means that, regardless of gender, a person can wear a bracelet where it is convenient for him. The same goes for watches.

However, there is an unwritten rule for the balance of the image, which appeared in the 1950s in Hollywood. According to him, men wore a wedding ring or a ring on their right hand, and a watch on their left. Bracelet on one side, watch on the other. Modern men believe that jewelry worn on the dominant (working) hand wears out faster.

On which hand to wear a bracelet for a woman and a girl — it does not matter. The main thing is that it should be noticeable, look original, stylish and attractive, so more often she wears this product on her right hand.

In order for the wrist to look proportionate to the body, it is necessary to choose a bracelet that perfectly matches its size.

  • Wide and massive models will suit strong hands.

  • Small and delicate — for narrow hands.

  • To optically further reduce or enlarge your wrist, choose jewelry of a larger or smaller size.

  • If the bracelet is massive, one on the wrist is enough.

  • The piece is medium in size (about 6 mm wide) and looks good on its own or with a second bracelet of the same width.

  • Small jewelry less than 5 mm wide can be worn in several pieces.

On which hand is the watch bracelet worn?

Wristwatches take up a lot of space on your wrist. If you add a bracelet to them, the hand will look heavy. It should be chosen from a material that will not damage or scratch the watch face. You can not place a watch between massive bracelets — they will be lost between these decorations.

Those who decide to wear several bracelets at the same time should wear all of them on one wrist to maintain balance.

The most winning combination of several jewelry items is neutral colors. Black and brown laces or leather straps will perfectly complement gold or silver bracelets. They look solid and status.

The combination of silver and gold will look spectacular, provided that one of the metals dominates the other. If you like gold, let it prevail in our styling. Wearing a set of gold bracelets on either the left or right hand, you can add one or two silver ones for contrast. This combination will add style and work as an addition to casual wear, but it is out of place in the office.

Which hand should I wear a silver bracelet on?

Modern street fashion and boho style are dominated by massive silver bracelets. Woven products with a metallic sheen are especially popular.

The minimalist silver bracelet is classic and synonymous with elegance. Models are made that are decorated with a decorative buckle or small precious stones. They look great paired with a smart shirt or a 3/4 sleeve tweed jacket.

Another trend that is only gaining popularity is bracelets on thin strings with single charms in the form of a certain symbol. The most popular are the models on the red thread. It is believed that it brings good luck and happiness, no matter which hand it is worn on.

All of the above models of bracelets are presented in the catalog of the Silvers online store. Choose, buy and wear with pleasure.