Fashion Jewelry 2017

Every woman strives to be perfect and irresistible. Regardless of the time of year and weather, she wants to be the center of attention. To create a holistic image, to emphasize your individuality and uniqueness, to place the necessary accents, stylists recommend paying attention to fashion jewelry in 2017. This year, you can safely choose almost any jewelry. The main thing is to choose the right one for the outfit. Also, jewelry should be appropriate and not stand out from the general image.

Popular jewelry in 2017: what designers offer

In 2017, designers surprise with a variety of chic jewelry: someone in their collections focuses on large and voluminous jewelry, someone offers elegant and sophisticated models.

Simplicity is the main trend this year. Despite the fact that gold jewelry is a classic, it is still better to give preference to silver items, models made of leather or fabric. Plus, it won’t hurt your wallet!

When choosing jewelry-2017, be sure to pay attention to the color scheme: red, light blue, green and coral are in trend today. Jewelry with a combination of contrasting colors also looks spectacular.

When choosing jewelry in 2017, remember that there should be one accent: for voluminous earrings, it is better to choose a thin bracelet and a ring with small pebbles; delicate stud earrings will fit the massive ring.

Fashion jewelry 2017 on the neck

Designers offer the fair sex to pay special attention to large and massive beads. Ethno motifs, large stones and white metals are also in trend. The main principles are visibility and extraordinary.

Chokers this season also do not lose their relevance. It can be either an elegant ribbon with a silver pendant or a massive necklace with rhinestones and stones. This type of jewelry visually lengthens the neck, emphasizing the seductive dimples on the collarbones.

For lovers of romance and elegance, various chains with pendants and pendants are especially popular in 2017. Please note that pearls are timeless classics and many designers continue to use them in their jewelry.

Stylish jewelry in 2017: bracelets and rings

Massiveness, large details, layering and unusualness are the main requirements for jewelry on hand. At the same time, delicate, refined and refined thin bracelets with interesting decorative details will also be relevant. You can choose unusual bracelets with weaving or embossing.

As for rings, the trend is products with large stones, long rings, as well as unusual models for the first phalanx. You can also combine several thin rings at once.

Actual jewelry 2017: earrings

In 2017, the main decoration of any girl is earrings, so the product should be noticeable. Feel free to choose earrings with bright stones or elegant long earrings. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Cuff earrings look unusual and original, with which you can create both a daring and a gentle look. For special occasions, you can choose chandelier earrings.

A feature of many designers has become a combination of earrings from different sets. It is desirable that they be different in size and style. Then you will definitely attract attention.

Fashion trends surprise with their boldness and variety, so make sure that your jewelry box has enough jewelry for any occasion. To do this, go shopping at the SilverS jewelry online store, where you will find the widest range of fashionable jewelry at an affordable price!