The world of jewelry is changeable, but continues to delight with unusual discoveries. Should you follow the trends? Many buyers of jewelry are guided solely by their own preferences, while others follow the trends. If you are one of them, we are in a hurry to please: jewelry 2018 pleasantly surprises with its diversity and versatility. The trend for the coming season is layeringas well as
bulkiness and asymmetry. Large rings and brooches are gaining popularity again.

Fashion jewelry 2018: necklaces and other products

Will be popular next year choker necklaces. In a modern variation, they will be a neat interlacing of massive chains with and without stones. Such decoration will make a special accent in the zone. neck and collarbone.

Fashionable jewelry in 2018 is also chains with pendants and pendants. They look elegant and sophisticated, so they are suitable as everyday jewelry. Do not lose relevance strands of pearlsgiving the female image of aristocracy and sophistication.

Rings for the fashion season 2018

The upcoming season will be a time of discovery for all fans of rings, because the 2018 jewelry catalog pleasantly pleases with a variety of models. In fashion will be like large items with massive stones of bright color, and thin models. Particular success is discredited by small rings on first phalanx.

In search of an answer to the question of what jewelry will be in fashion in 2018, pay attention to the rings rectangular shape with engraving. Embossed accessories are also relevant next season. If you like a non-standard approach, be sure to try to complement your look with a set of rings, which can consist of both massive accessories and thin products. The most important thing with this choice is to use products that are mutually compatible in color.

Earrings: laconism or massiveness

Jewelry trends 2018 — this is large and expressive earrings. They are suitable for everyday life, and for special occasions. The most popular will be jewelry made of gold 2018 of any type: white, red, yellow, as well as silver jewelry.

Looking through photos of jewelry 2018, you can see the abundance of models cuffs. Such products are ideal even for non-pierced ears. Most often they are presented in the form of a crescent with decorative details. A variety of product designs allows you to create a romantic or bright image.

Other trendy jewelry

Fashion 2018 for jewelry returns popularity to such accessories as brooches. This season will be popular products in retro style decorated with Swarovski stones and pearls. Popularity is predicted for products in the form of butterflies, beetles and snakes. If you like more sophisticated options, you should pay attention to brooches-pins with chains in several tiers.

When choosing hair accessories, it is also worth figuring out what jewelry is now in fashion in 2018: in particular, trendy steel diadems and tiaras from precious materials. They can be made both in a minimalist design and decorated with precious and semi-precious stones.