Every year, jewelry houses develop a large number of new jewelry designs. But still, products with a rich history are more significant. Famous jewelry is a tribute to the centuries-old history of art. Many of them are now in private collections, and some are on the shelves of museums. Each of them is unique and interesting in its own way.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring

Princess Diana changed all the stereotypes about life in the royal family. She chose an engagement ring adorned with a large sapphire. The 18 carat stone is framed with small diamonds. The cost of such jewelry at the time of purchase was 44 thousand dollars. The same ring was also used at the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Crown of the Russian Empire

This masterpiece of jewelry art was created especially for Peter I, who became the first tsar to put on a crown (earlier rulers decorated their heads with the Cap of Monomakh). The crown is made of 5,000 small diamonds brought specially from India. This product can be seen in the Moscow Museum, but, according to many experts, this is just a copy, and the location of the real relic is unknown.

Brooch of the Queen of Romania

Famous jewelry from Carl Faberge is part of the story. One of the most famous items is the brooch of the Queen of Romania. Especially for Marie, Faberge created a magnificent piece of jewelry in the form of a heart with a crown.

Wedding gift of Napoleon I

Napoleon the First for his second wife Marie-Louise of Austria in 1810 ordered the manufacture of a diadem, necklace, comb and earrings. Famous jewelry was made from emeralds and diamonds set in silver and gold. Where the comb is now is unknown, but the earrings and necklace are kept in the Louvre. The diadem is in the National Museum of Washington, but with minor changes: emeralds were removed from it, and Persian turquoise was placed in their place.

Empress Eugenie’s bow with diamonds

The original decoration was made by Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. The diamond bow with movable tassels was made in 1855 by two jewelers. Today, the decoration is kept in the Louvre.

Tiara Cartier

The jewelry piece was made in 1936. It was purchased by the future King George VI. The tiara is set with 888 brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds. Elizabeth II rarely wore this decoration. Therefore, the finest hour for a masterpiece of jewelry art came in 2011, when the Duchess of Cambridge wore it to the wedding ceremony.

Jewelry in The Great Gatsby

A unique collection from Tiffany & Co. was created especially for the blockbuster. It included gold and platinum jewelry, exactly following the fashion trends of the jewelry art of the twenties of the last century. In the film, one could see a platinum hair ornament, a tiara with yellow and white diamonds, as well as other products.

Necklace from «Titanic»

The «Heart of the Ocean» is one of the most famous pieces of jewelry. Especially for the film, it was created by London jewelers. Made of white gold and cubic blue zirconia. The cost of the necklace is 10 thousand dollars.

Emeralds by Elizabeth Taylor

The famous «Cleopatra» had a great weakness for jewelry. Richard Braton gave her a $100,000 Bvlgari emerald and diamond brooch as a pre-wedding gift. Later, the gift was completed with a necklace, a ring, earrings and a bracelet.