Family is the most important thing in our life. This statement is not understood by children, teenagers do not accept it, and young people forget it. And only with the advent of our own family corner, where love and care reigns, we begin to understand the essence and importance of this legend. It happens that it comes even earlier, when life shows us this by circumstances. This awareness gives us the strength to move on, helps to break down the walls in our path and builds a reliable rear through which no problems will pass. If you are at the stage when awareness has already come, then you understand exactly how important it is to please and pamper your loved ones. Pandora jewelry is an opportunity to make a loved one a pleasant little detail. Here you can find jewelry for mom, grandmother, daughter, girlfriend and wife, just go to the “Family” topic on our website!

How to choose decoration?

The uniqueness of Pandora jewelry is that there are many options to choose from. Therefore, it will not be difficult to choose something interesting and thematic for a loved one. But among the variety of choices, you can get lost, so it’s better to immediately determine the search plan for yourself:

  1. choose the type of jewelry (bracelet, charm, earrings, clip-on earrings, pendants, etc.);
  2. determine the preferences of the recipient (shape, color, gems);
  3. decide on the message (word, inscription on the decoration, special figure);
  4. pick up decoration following the previous paragraphs.

Such a plan will be a cheat sheet for those who do not know how to pick up gifts. Perhaps you decide to purchase a bracelet with a few charms or a family theme infused, then you can create a whole story. If this process cannot be mastered on your own, then you can always contact our consultants. You will be carefully selected and advised.

Types of jewelry from Pandora

Pandora is a constructor. Here you can pick up a separate product, or create a masterpiece in the form of a bracelet or necklace. It offers a whole arsenal of parts from which you can create something. Pandora’s arsenal includes bracelets, charms, earrings, pendants, rings, chains, dividers and necklaces. What each of the products is, our blog will tell you better about it. We will return to the bright family mood.

In the “family” section you can find for yourself the following types of jewelry:

  • Charms
  • pendants
  • Necklace.
  • Clips

Among the charms there are many options, for mothers, wives, grandmothers and daughters. For example, the “Beloved Wife” charm in the form of a heart with the inscription of the same name will tell about strong feelings. As a gift for mom, the Parental Love charm is perfect. If you need to focus on strong family ties for many years, this is the Family Values ​​charm.

A pendant for a beloved wife as a thank you for the birth of a child — “Nipple” from the Pandora Rose collection. An original solution for sisters. If you always want to keep an inner connection with your sister and remind you of yourself, then the “Sisters” pendant would be the perfect gift. It consists of two parts — hearts. You can keep one for yourself, and give the other to your sister. Very elegant and themed, the Family Tree pendant is a nice gift for your beloved granny. The Tree of Life charm clip from the Pandora Reflexions collection is a useful addition to a bracelet and a reminder of strong family ties. In addition to the components for the bracelet, you can, of course, purchase the body of the bracelet of any kind as a basis.

Jewelry by preference

What does it mean to choose a decoration according to preferences? If you are choosing a gift for your loved one, then you know exactly what to give! It’s not always like that, but it happens. What is worth relying on if your loved one is a versatile person? Think about what she loves the most. Travel or hearts? Gemstones or bright colors? Sport? Movie? Music? Flowers? Any detail will help you decide. Pandora has enough jewelry in the “Family” theme. The heart will be able to tell about endless love, as well as satisfy the preferences of the recipient.

Almost all females love gems. This is something that glitters and sparkles, which means it should be present on every girl! Family life is no reason to forget that your wife sparkles! The Family Tree pendant is the perfect way to remind her of that too! The contrast of silver and gold with cubic zirconia stones will definitely not leave your beloved indifferent. A great option for mom would be the Mother’s Love pendant. This lovely piece of jewelry embodies the immortal bond between mother and child in the form of a dove and her chick sitting on a ring studded with multicolored cubic zirconia stones.

Whole composition

If you give Pandora for the first time and your other half, daughter or mother has never worn brand products, then create an integral composition. To do this, select:

  • base (bracelet);
  • dividers;
  • charms;
  • pendants.

Having picked up the main and dividers, you can divide the bracelet into zones. Consider an example on a gift for your beloved wife. In such a bracelet, you can make 3 zones:

  1. «Confessions». You can fill this department with heart charms and warm words, anything from the “Love” theme.
  2. «Children». Charms and pendants with words of gratitude and recognition.
  3. «Hobby». It is worth collecting here everything that your spouse adores outside of our family life.

Such a bracelet can be assembled for a daughter, mother or sister, just select the appropriate zones. Such a gift will be bright and memorable!

Summing up

Family is something warm and bright. Something that always warms us with warmth and care. Pandora is a brand that can tell your loved one how precious and important they are to you. Charms, clips, dividers, bracelets, chains and pendants — all this will tell about love and care. Just analyze preferences, dreams and desires. This will help you choose a piece of jewelry that will fit perfectly into an existing bracelet or will be the beginning of a new story.

What to buy for a family day from Pandora?

On our site you can buy a gift for your beloved wife, mother, sister for any occasion. We have a “Family” section, which contains the most relevant jewelry for relatives and friends!

?How to choose a gift for your wife?

If you don’t know what to give your wife, then just go to our website and buy jewelry from the Pandora jewelry brand!

?What to give to your sister?

For your beloved sister, you can pick up jewelry according to interests or give something symbolic. For example, the charm of a half heart is an opportunity to purchase two jewelry at once — one for yourself, the other for your sister!

?Where can I find family-themed jewelry?

On our site you will find a lot of family-themed jewelry in the section of the same name, or you can simply choose what you need from others. We have decorations for every taste!