The role of jewelry is to emphasize female beauty and show her dignity. In order for an accessory to perform it effectively, its design must be in harmony with the outfit. Earrings are a stylish addition to any look. For many, they are the most favorite product that can diversify even a modest outfit and overalls. About what you need to know in order to successfully choose earrings for every day, we will tell in this article.

The main rule for the selection of beautiful and inexpensive earrings for every day

The main requirement for decorations for evening walks, going to the theater, restaurant, nightclub or disco — they must shine! In these cases, you can afford extravagant shiny accessories that will look spectacular in the reflection of the disco lights.

For work in an office or other institution, especially if there is a strict dress code or you need to wear a uniform, modest jewelry in a classic style that is not too conspicuous is recommended.

The larger the diameter of the earring, the simpler and more unpretentious its design should be. Avoid models with feathers or circles that jingle with every step you take.

The perfect complement to simple, formal and business casual outfits are long silver earrings with chain or stud pendants.

How to choose earrings for every day to a certain outfit

For a trouser suit, a small gray or black dress, small hoop earrings or studs with a small figured pendant are suitable. They look great with a simple black or navy blue jacket. This is a universal option, but it is better to choose earrings for the type of neckline. Its designers recommend decorating with jewelry or jewelry, regardless of whether it is an evening dress or a casual look.

Jewelry on the neck should be combined with earrings in style and color. A necklace with a similar contour and dangling earrings will suit the V-shaped neckline. Strappy or sleeveless clothing will be in harmony with short necklaces or wraparound necklaces, but then it is undesirable to choose dangling earrings. A classic neckline is a good reason to wear a chain with a pendant every day and fashionable earrings with the same element in 2021.

The lack of a neckline requires the use of larger jewelry. A long necklace and classic earrings with an English clasp will suit a golf turtleneck. They will not only complement the image, but also give it a unique look.

Those who have a short neck can optically lengthen it with necklaces or long earrings. Opt for a delicate silver chain or a necklace with a long ethnic motif pendant. It is important that the jewelry does not fit around the neck like a collar. This thickens and shortens it, gives massiveness to the whole figure.

Which earrings are better to wear every day — gold or silver?

Silver items are considered to be more suitable for creating everyday looks, and gold jewelry is considered more suitable for special occasions. Although this is a matter of taste. Some women prefer exclusively silver or white gold without stones. Others believe that the secret of their everyday elegance lies in traditional diamond earrings, always in yellow gold.

But even a rich and stylish everyday outfit should be complemented with more modest jewelry. It is important that all elements of the set are made of the same material.

  • For an oval face, triangular or square models are best suited. Such accessories will make it more expressive. The main thing is that they should be angular in shape.
  • For a narrow and triangular face, short gold earrings are recommended for every day. They will distract attention from a pointed chin. Avoid dangling jewelry as it can make your face look longer.
  • For ladies with a round face, thin and long earrings with vertical elements are best suited for every day.
  • Owners of a square face shape should choose large-sized jewelry, spherical, round or teardrop-shaped.
  • For women with an oblong face shape, classic and timeless congo earrings should be chosen according to the type of beauty. They are made in different versions — both in the traditional version, without additional decorations, and in richly decorated ones — with flowers, feathers, strings or tassels.
  • For ladies with a high forehead, earrings with tassels or fringe suit the face.

How to choose gold or silver earrings for every day hairstyle

  • Short hairstyles to the line of the face, that is, opening the ears, make it possible to choose any of the various types of jewelry, taking into account the shape of the face. It can be carnations, models with a small pearl or zircon. A slender neck can be emphasized with thin earrings with Swarovski crystals.
  • If the hair covers the ears, you should choose longer earrings so that they are visible. For formal styling, small studs with pendants are the best choice.
  • Medium-length hairstyles (bob or cascade) are demanding in everyday styling, but it is easy to pick up earrings for them — any model is suitable.
  • For an asymmetrical hairstyle with an open earlobe, choose an earring with iridescent crystals or with shiny elements.
  • If the hair is shoulder length or lower, loose curls or a ponytail will become a natural backdrop for jewelry, but they will be less noticeable. If you want your chosen jewelry to really shine, give preference to hanging earrings made of silver or gold cords, collected in the form of a wreath. In this case, models with elements of ceramics or decorated with a combination of two types of stones are suitable — emerald or sapphire in the form of the main insert, surrounded by the smallest cubic zirkonia. Drops, ovals, arches with reflective stones over the entire surface or around the circumference look beautiful, earrings with movable elements — with one or more independent segments.

For earrings to be noticeable on long hair, their dominant color should contrast with the shade of the hair: dark — gold with light stones or silver with any ornament, and light — silver with inserts of dark stones.

How and with what to wear casual long gold earrings?

Large dangle earrings or circles are a special kind of jewelry that has a timeless character. But not all ladies will look good in them, because they must correspond not only to the type of beauty, but also to individuality.

Due to their large weight and size, dangling earrings for every day are not recommended for shy women who do not like to draw attention to themselves. However, self-confident girls and women will feel good in long products of any shape.

Whether you choose gold or silver earrings for everyday wear, don’t forget jewelry — it’s just a trendy accessory, not a style staple.

Refuse heavy and massive models. It is advisable to minimize other jewelry and costume jewelry that can overload the entire image.

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