Quite often you can meet a man with a pierced earlobe. If a dozen years ago such a decision was perceived as something extraordinary, now it is in the order of things. But the truth is that men have been wearing jewelry since ancient times. For example, in ancient Egypt, an earring in a man’s ear symbolized his high position in society. By the way, it is worth noting that this type of jewelry was originally intended exclusively for men, and the representatives of the fair half began to wear earrings much later.

Earrings in ancient times

In ancient Russia, such jewelry was a symbol of prosperity and well-being. Rich people in those days chose jewelry made of gold and silver. Ordinary people, who did not have money to buy precious metals, were content with earrings made of wood or copper.

Pirates also liked earrings. Such decoration was a symbolic confirmation that he took possession of the ship. Gypsies had a slightly different tradition: they put on an earring for boys born after the death of previous sons. Sailors also wore an earring after crossing the center of the earth.

The decoration in the Cossack’s left lobe indicated that the warrior was the only son. If both lobes were pierced, this indicated that the man was the only breadwinner in the family. Therefore, chieftains tried not to let such people into too bloody battles.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity in eastern countries also loved such decorations. They were a symbol of the high position of a man in society. Earrings became an indispensable accessory for men during the heyday of hippie culture. The decoration symbolized a creative person.

Men’s earrings and modernity

In the modern world, a man’s earring is no less relevant and eloquent than in ancient times. For example, the jewelry in the right ear indicates that the man is gay. Hippies wear earrings in both earlobes to show their unconventional outlook on life.

A men’s earring is part of a stylish look. Now you will not surprise anyone that a successful businessman or movie star is the owner of such an ornament. The most popular earrings among men are:

  • congo — laconic round jewelry made of precious metals and decorated with colorless stones;
  • earrings in the form of emoticons or comic / cartoon characters;
  • carnations — decorations of laconic design with minimal decor.

Rockers love to prick their ears too. Such an action is a symbol of self-expression and originality. Moreover, not just small jewelry is popular, but massive rings or even tunnels in the ears.

Bikers choose massive jewelry with symbols characteristic of their culture. Goths prefer models of geometric shapes. For benchmarks, earrings with a large stone are the best option. It is also typical for musicians and artists to wear such jewelry. They can be of various designs and shapes.