When making jewelry with your own hands, you get jewelry that suits you completely, and you also put your own soul into each product. At the same time, such decorations require certain knowledge and patience.

Any craftswoman who invents jewelry must have worked with a similar department of jewelry. These decorative elements are pleasant to everyone, and the process itself is quite interesting. And it is not difficult to learn this, and with a proper understanding of the features, it will become an exciting pastime, resulting in an individual decoration.

One of the rules that should be followed is to make a preliminary one schemeAnd also calculate the number of beads themselves:

  • Put up with the girth of the hand.
  • The number of rows and required beads is determined.
  • Accessories, fastening elements, tools with which you can fasten and string are selected.

At the same time, it is possible to make both necklaces and bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, brooches or other options of products to your taste.

For those who have encountered the manufacture of jewelry for the first time on their own, you should study the options for beads that can be bought in an online store. In addition to sizes, they are made of different materials materials:

  • Colorful glass.
  • Plastic (matte or glossy in a large assortment).
  • Ceramic (have a special color and are very popular).
  • Metal (allows you to dilute the standard options of beads).

by options forms you can meet:

  • Ordinary round beads of various sizes.
  • The glass ceiling has the shape of a large tube.
  • A cut is a small tube that is strung.

Therefore, if you are making jewelry, first look at the diagram or make it yourself, and also take into account all the features of the product being created.

The advantage of self-made jewelry

If you make it yourself, it is possible to get mass advantageswhich will be tangible advantages:

  • The ability to create jewelry for any image, dress or other clothing.
  • Ability to create a whole set or add to an existing one.
  • Make an original version individually for a person.
  • Create new products for a gift.

In addition to beads, other elements are used in such jewelry, and they can also be combined. So beadwork is decorated with pendants, pendants, ribbons and all kinds of materials.

Despite the fact that jewelry is made from purchased materials, some of them can be made by hand. Online stores offer beads for Pandora bracelets, which can also be bought and used to create your own jewelry.

How to sell bead jewelry

Some craftsmen fall in love with this type of activity, creating many options that fill the caskets and lie idle. That is why they are thinking about selling their products and the best options for sale should be considered:

  • Social networks where you can offer friends and acquaintances.
  • Create your own online store and offer a range of handmade models.
  • Through special services, where they advertise your product for a fee from the deal.
  • Through forums, which allows you to communicate directly with the buyer or share the interests of the same craftsmen.
  • Submit jewelry to the store at a minimum price and you are guaranteed to make a profit.
  • Create your own production and raise it to the level of wholesale sales.

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