Experience the adventure with the new collection PANDORA DISNEY.

Embark on an epic summer adventure with the new jewelry series Disney x from Pandora!

Commemorate an adventure or symbolize a love affair with the new Balloons Over House charm from the series Disney x from Pandora. This charm is decorated with multicolored balls with red, blue, turquoise, pink, green, yellow and purple enamel. The main character of Disney’s Up, Carl Fredricksen is flying a hot air balloon above his house with his new friends Russell and Doug. Carl’s whimsical house is surprisingly detailed with a small porch and original windows. The motto of the film «Adventure is where they await» is written among the balloons.

Four new charms from the series Pandora Disney Parks celebrate Disney theme park attractions.

Mickey’s Ferris Wheel charm from the series Disney Parks from Pandora

Similar to the colorful Ferris wheel charm, the Disney Parks Mickey Ferris wheel charm features purple, pink, blue, yellow, red and green stones that represent the cabins on the Ferris wheel. As with the Disney attractions, this version of the charm includes Mickey’s cute face, decorated with black enamel on both sides.

Exclusive to Hong Kong, the Tinker Bell and the Castle of Magical Dreams charm from the series Disney Parks from Pandora

Castle jewelry collectors will be delighted with two new Disney Castle jewelry! First up is the breathtaking Castle of Magical Dreams at Hong Kong Disneyland. Follow the sparkling green stars and you may see Tinker Bell flying around the castle!

Exclusive to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Disneyland Castle charm from the series Disney Parks from Pandora

The second new decoration is the wonderful Hong Kong Disneyland Castle charm. Vibrant blue enamel adorns the numerous turrets, while clear, shaped zirconia stones adorn the clasp. The bottom of the charm is engraved with the Hong Kong Disneyland logo.

Toy Story charm from the series Disney Pixar Parks from Pandora

The Toy Story charm is one of our favorites in this collection, and this bright charm makes a fantastic souvenir. Bright red and yellow enamel adorns the logo Toy StoryA word LAND marked in the toy blocks below. Slinky Doga fun ride on a roller coaster and is at the back of the charm, surrounded by bright magical lights.

We absolutely loved this collection, especially the Balloons Over House charm from the Disney x series! We also really enjoyed the Hong Kong-exclusive Tinker Bell and the Castle of Magical Dreams attraction from the Disney Parks series and the Toy Story attraction from the Disney Pixar Parks series.

What do you think about the summer collection Disney x 2020 from Pandora? How many Disney parks have you visited? Talk to us in the comments below..