Before you start talking about how to distinguish platinum from white gold, you need to refute a few facts. We would like to clarify right away that you should not trust various sources on the Internet that claim that it is impossible to distinguish these two types of material outwardly, but this is far from the case. In order not to fall into the information trap, it is recommended to trust only trusted sources. Why is this topic relevant today? The fact is that modern developers often fake jewelry, misleading ordinary people. To make the right choice, you need to understand the main varieties of these metals.

It’s worth starting with the fact that more than 85% of the cost depends on the type of metal. Of course, gold is the most expensive and valuable resource on the planet, and therefore many people often try to sell fakes. But if we are talking about white gold, then its cost is cheaper. What is the difference between white gold and platinum? We have collected some of the most important and key features that separate one metal from another. With this knowledge, you can protect yourself in the future from possible deception. The cost of platinum is, of course, significantly higher than the price of white gold. This fact is explained by the fact that this metal is of natural origin, which cannot be said about white gold with impurities.

Main differences

  • Platinum — This is a type of metal that is mined in its pure form. It can be found in the periodic table. The combination of silver and gray distinguishes this metal from the rest, but it may very well resemble white gold. The percentage of impurities of natural origin, as a rule, is small. It reaches no more than 5% of the total composition of raw materials. White gold is an alloy that includes the same platinum, only with other additives. They also include particles of silver, nickel or even palladium.
  • Platinum does not cause any allergic reactions. It contains exclusively natural ingredients that do not cause allergies in people who are prone to this. Nickel may be present in white gold (however, in modern designs it is replaced by palladium), which can cause skin rashes and other reactions. It is not uncommon for a white gold diamond to cause certain skin problems, so it is very important to determine if you have any contraindications for its use.
  • Gold plasticity, and to some extent has a high level of softness. Platinum is always a stable and hard resource that is hard to damage. Without special equipment, this is not at all possible.

How to distinguish white gold from platinum? Some more facts

Jewelry, which is made with the addition of white gold, is lightweight and not too heavy. Low resistance to deformation is the only drawback that accompanies this product. Of course, if you manually try to break a piece of jewelry, you are unlikely to succeed. However, under the influence of certain factors — the situation is not very positive. Synonymous with platinum and white gold is durability. Both of these resources last a long time with proper care.

It is also necessary to understand that the color of platinum and white gold has external differences. The silvery color is given to platinum in a natural way — this can be seen with the naked eye. Sometimes, in order to improve the diamond, various additives are added, but only in small quantities. Jewels, which are made exclusively of white gold, have a pronounced shade of rhodium, which can be traced immediately. Rhodium is white, so it is often added to both materials. It can also be used as a strengthening component, as it is able to protect the stone from negative impacts and damage.

A few centuries ago, there was a tendency to reduce the price policy for platinum. This is most likely due to low demand and lack of equipment for the appropriate metal processing. According to official sources, the cost of platinum was even lower than silver, but today the situation has changed. The price of this resource has now increased several times, so white gold is difficult to compare in terms of numbers. According to the rules, platinum differs depending on the sample — 950, 900 or 850. These numbers mean the percentage of natural metal in the jewelry. Gold, in turn, has a slightly smaller sample — the maximum number is 750. The fact is that additional resources are used to strengthen it (about 25% of the composition).

Platinum and gold comparison — wealth for jewelers

As we stated earlier, today platinum is a real treasure trove for those who work in the jewelry industry. Some may note that this metal is similar to silver, but this is not entirely true. Only not the first glance from afar, you can talk about a clear relationship, but looking closer, you will immediately change your mind. To compare two resources — white gold and platinum, you do not have to spend a lot of time looking for real facts. We already notice in life how these materials differ.

Additional benefits of platinum known to few

The main feature of this jewel is radiance and brightness. You can never confuse platinum with anything else if you try to carefully evaluate its external signs. However, gloss is not the main criterion. If you want to learn more about how white gold looks different from platinum, we have one more piece of advice. The unique properties that are inherent in nature are the maximum resistance to corrosion. You can also use any chemical reagents to check the quality of the jewelry. That is why the cost of diamonds made from this raw material is far from tough for all people on the planet. Also, the resource is very often used not only in the jewelry business. Often it is added for the normal functioning of technical devices.

The most important feature among all is the noble properties. Nature has given us a unique gemstone, which has no analogues in the whole world. Perhaps people have not yet explored every area of ​​​​the planet, but it is already becoming clear that it is impossible to find richer and stronger platinum. Therefore, if you want to decide, but do not know what to choose from, give preference to this option.

On the other hand, if you can’t afford an overly expensive piece of jewelry, don’t worry. White gold is often a good alternative, but costs much more than silver. It is only important to carefully consider your health when buying such jewelry. If you still don’t know if wearing gold jewelry will suit you or not, there is an opportunity to test it on the skin. If allergic manifestations are not observed in the first minutes, you can safely make a purchase. In order to get acquainted with the additional features of this material, you can ask questions to the specialist of our site. The staff member will also provide advice free of charge if needed.

Summing up

At the end of this analysis, we want to note that the differences between these two precious metals are colossal. You should never compare materials either on external or other grounds. If you want to buy high-quality, beautiful and durable jewelry as a gift for your sweetheart, loved one or loved ones — choose diamonds in our store. The cost directly depends on the number of grams of the product and its type, and also do not forget to pay attention to the sample. If necessary, we will help you make the right choice individually for your goals.