A bracelet is a fashionable men’s accessory that sits beautifully on the wrist, gives the image an elegant casualness and emphasizes the owner’s unique character.

Until recently, in European countries, such jewelry was worn mainly by women. However, they make Mens Bracelets different sizeswith different fasteners, widths and from different materials.

There are also models that are made on straps with adjustable length, so they fasten on any loop.

Men’s products differ visually, but their role is the same as that of women’s — they should become an ornament that completes a fashionable look. They are worn by brave people who are not afraid of criticism, and sometimes extravagant ones — artists, TV presenters and celebrities. Now they have become an indispensable element of many fashionable styles.

If you decide to give your man such an ornament on his hand, then you should focus not only on its length, but also on the size of the wrist. About, how to choose a men’s braceletand what other parameters you need to consider when buying this accessory, we will describe in detail in this article.

How to determine the size of a bracelet on a woman’s hand: how to find out the correct parameters and choose the right model, tips on how to measure the diameter

How to find out the size of a women’s and men’s bracelet

ABOUTThe answer to this question largely depends on the thickness of the material from which the product is made, and on its purpose.

Gold and silver models are a classic. They are perfect for a shirt, tie and suit. Thanks to this accessory, the image will acquire even greater presentability and status. More and more men today choose to combine the precious metal with another material.

Fashionable design solutions are products on ropes and leather straps. They represent strength, masculinity and rebellion.

An interesting effect can be achieved by wearing several bracelets.

Leather bracelets are in good harmony with everyday style. They can be plain or patterned.

Depending on the model, the clasp can be a magnet, carabiner or traditional.

As elsewhere, certain standards apply in this industry. One of the main divisions is sizes of men’s bracelets. It refers to the inner circumference of the bracelet, that is, the circumference of the wrist.

The bracelet should not tighten the wrist, creating discomfort, restrict movement, but should not fall off the wearer’s hand.

Thin and flat models made of soft and flexible metal, leather, thread, are usually closest to the circumference of the wrist, so they are chosen clearly in size.

Bracelets made of leather and acrylic laces and massive products with a thickness of 8 to 10 mm do not fit snugly on the wrist. Before, how to choose a bracelet for a man, you also need to pay attention to the shape of the wrist. If it is round, give preference to oval models, equal to or greater than the circumference of the wrist.

The situation is different with flat and soft bracelets, which, due to the shape and the material used, are closest to the circumference of our wrist. Size such men’s bracelet should be larger because they are much stiffer. It is necessary to provide margin for a little sagging, easy to take off and put on the product.

The easiest ways to determine the correct size of the selected men’s bracelet

DFor the first two, you need to measure the circumference of the wrist of the future owner — exactly on the hand on which he will wear the bracelet, because the girth of the right and left wrists may differ.

  • method one, how to size a bracelet for a guy: tailor’s roll. You need to tightly wrap the centimeter around the wrist at its widest point and write down, which size your man’s bracelet. Then add a few centimeters to the resulting number for a margin.

Important! Wrap the tape measure around your wrist, just below the bone, and pull down until it is snug against the circumference. Then the measurement will be as accurate as possible.

  • Method two: rope / lace, thread / paper strip and ruler. The lace should be tightly wrapped around the wrist at its widest point. Then make a mark with a marker or pencil at the junction, measure with a ruler and add a small margin.
  • Method three (if you don’t have a centimeter tape or you want to make a surprise): to know, what is the size of the bracelet your men, measuring the jewelry that he wears, end-to-end, that is, with a snug fit to the arm. It should be borne in mind that if this accessory is worn for some time (a year or more), it has already increased by 1 cm.

If you want to give a rigid one-piece bracelet, then one circumference parameter is not enough. Unlike classic models, it is not flexible; to determine the correct size, you need to know the exact diameter of your wrist.

To do this, put your hand on the paper with your palm. Mark on paper the places at the widest point of the wrist. This will give you the inside diameter of the longer side of the bracelet. Next, you need to turn your hand to the side and repeat the previous procedure, turning your palm over. Then add a few millimeters to the resulting figure.

If you are not sure about the exact size, always choose the larger one.

How to determine the size of a men’s bracelet according to the table

DThe length of open models is measured and taken into account in the unbuttoned state. For products with a fastener, it is always larger than its inner circumference. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. when the fastener is folded, one part of it passes into another;
  2. the inner circle is different from the outer one.

The result of measuring the length of the unbuttoned bracelet will be the difference between the inner and outer circumference. The thicker the product, the greater this difference.

To choose wrist bracelet size your his men as if this product was made to order, use table.


Overall length, cm











Universal men’s bracelet size — 18.5-21.5 cm, it will fit almost for any arms.

If it is not possible to measure the wrist or the circumference of the product, you need to consider that an ordinary, average man usually has a wrist circumference of 19–20 cm (this is size M or L), and an ordinary woman — 16 cm (size XS).

With retractable two-size adjustable fasteners, L / XL models are most often made), covering two sizes. They are suitable as a gift in cases where the exact circumference of the wrist is unknown.

Sizes S and M are best suited for men with narrower wrists, while sizes L and XL are best suited for wide wrists.

Why is it necessary to leave a margin when determining the size of any men’s bracelets?

AT In any case, the bracelet should be comfortable. Each wrist is individual, as is each person and his preferences. Some people like loose bracelets that move freely on their wrists. Others prefer tight-fitting jewelry where free movement is restricted.

A small margin is determined depending on preference:

  • backlash from 1.5 to 3 cm — the bracelet dangles, moving freely along the wrist;
  • sagging by 1 cm — lies freely on the arm, but the range of its movement is limited;
  • allowance 0.5 cm — wraps tightly around the wrist, but does not shrink, its range of motion is limited;
  • 1 cm — perfect fit;
  • without the stock — the bracelet is tight, tightly wraps around the wrist, can press a little, but still comfortable for most people;