Decorations for an evening dress. How to choose the right one?

Some women wear dresses every day. Others are waiting for a special evening to finally pull it out of their wardrobe. Regardless of the style of the dress, all ladies complement it with fashionable accessories. The key to success is shoes, a bag and beautiful jewelry. They should be chosen according to special rules.

How to choose accessories for an evening dress?

There are two main factors that are taken into account when choosing jewelry for a dress. The first is the fabric from which it is made. The second is a cutout. In the case of complex materials (such as jacquard or velor) and additional elements, sequins, rhinestones or embroidery, pay attention to all the small details. A versatile option is delicate earrings or a small ring.

The main accessories for a dress with open shoulders, sewn from lace:

  • wide bracelet,

  • expressive earrings,

  • original necklace.

Against the background of lace, miniature jewelry will simply get lost.

But the main principle is that less is better. This means that if the dress or blouse is very decorative, majestic necklaces and long earrings will create the opposite effect.

If you are going to wear a beautiful thick necklace, you should put aside long earrings with a lot of stones. Prefer a stylish ring or bracelet, you can even refuse earrings. The exception is an expensive set consisting of a delicate necklace and earrings in a single style.

Summer maxi dresses with ethnic decor in boho style harmoniously complement natural stones, long necklaces with interesting motifs, such as feathers or dream catchers.

Strong dangling earrings and thick bracelets are the perfect decoration for a Spanish dress with an airy skirt. Multi-layering is permissible here. Do not be afraid to combine patterns and several necklaces, bracelets or rings in a similar style.

How to choose jewelry for a dress?

Let’s start with the texture of the outfit. If it is a model with a lace finish on the neckline, then its beauty should be emphasized with one piece of jewelry — either massive earrings or a thick bracelet. A necklace or necklace is not suitable in this case, as it will not be clearly visible against the background of the lace.

The ideal jewelry for a dress with a round neckline is round earrings with chains. However, if you wear long earrings, you need to show them in all their glory. Women with a short haircut will clearly see all the earrings. Ladies with long hair need to make a high hairstyle, tie them in a decorative tail, pigtail or bundle.

For a smooth dress of a muted color and without any jewelry, stylists recommend a thick necklace with multi-colored stones or a silver-black round necklace and bracelet in a similar style.

If the dress is decorated with sequins, it will look good with small stud earrings or a thin chain. After all, sequins are a self-sufficient decoration.

A dark dress at the throat will become a chic background for such accessories as a thin necklace or a string of pearls. The main feature of neck jewelry is the correct length.

How to choose an ornament for a neckline?

The shape of the neckline largely determines the shape and size of jewelry, especially a necklace or chain.

  • For a dress that covers the shoulders with a smooth neck, round decorative necklaces or chains with pendants are suitable.

  • Large earrings and a wide ring are perfect for models with a draped neckline and open arms.

  • Those who wear revealing dresses with an open neckline and a corset should make a choice in favor of large and small necklaces, with a pendant or medallion, as well as chokers. In this case, long earrings are appropriate.

  • Dresses with a pointed neckline will match thin chains and necklaces with a V-shaped pendant. They visually lengthen the silhouette.

  • For a neckline in the form of a horizontal boat, a small brooch, short earrings and a necklace are suitable.

How to choose the right necklace for a dress?

There are 8 types of neckline, for each of them a special type of necklace is made.

  1. In the form of the letter V. The ideal option is a chain shaped like the letter V that tapers down. If it is a necklace, it should not be long or short. Then it will look defiant, especially for women with a large bust.
  2. Boat. A large round necklace, a choker necklace with stones (one of the most fashionable trends of recent seasons), long chains with a massive pendant, several simultaneous wearing of thin chains or identical necklaces are suitable. This will draw attention to the neck, face, cheekbones, curled strands of hair and distract him from full thighs.
  3. Simple cut. Any decorations are suitable for sleeveless dresses and classic shirts with a straight neckline. The main selection criteria are restraint and moderation. The product can be bright and worn over clothes or delicate and miniature, worn close to the neck.
  4. Diamond neckline. Short round necklaces look elegant — a string of pearls or a chain with geometric pendants. It is important that the decoration does not cover the clothes. It will look beautiful near the neck.
  5. Golf. A turtleneck, T-shirt, or turtleneck is a good background for a necklace. But then you should choose a long necklace that contrasts with the range of clothes — a few tones lighter or darker.
  6. Retro boho style necklace, especially with feathers.
  7. Collar of dresses, blouses, shirts. If you wear an unbuttoned collar, wear a necklace underneath it, like men do with ties. However, avoid V-shaped chains that will blend in with the outfit. Prefer round products.
  8. Blouses with straps. Short necklaces are combined with blouses with a slightly oval neckline. They can be with a suspension, but with a small one. Otherwise, it will visually shorten the neck.

Selection of decorations on dresses of different colors

Fashion, cut, material and neckline — that’s not all. The color of the evening dress is no less important. Turn on your imagination! Let a lush necklace or multi-colored stones add character to the whole image.

In this case, the principle of contrast works brilliantly. If you want to wear a dark dress, emphasize it with light-colored jewelry. Conversely, dark accessories will suit a light dress.

A timeless classic — a fashionable jewelry set with an infinity sign made of gold or silver. It will suit both a little black dress and a bright color outfit. But in this case, you should abandon additions in a similar range of colors, because they will create the impression of an overloaded image.

The main advice for fans of classic jewelry — silver goes well with cool colors, and gold — with warm ones. However, if you’re wearing a white or navy dress, you don’t have to choose between the two. Both gold and silver are suitable.

Necklaces with red or pink stones will harmonize with a green dress, with purple — with yellow. Conversely, green jewelry with a red or pink outfit and yellow with purple.

Now that you know how to choose jewelry for an evening dress, take a look at your wardrobe and casket. If you do not have enough jewelry, choose them from our catalog, which presents the most popular and fashionable models of high-quality jewelry.