cubic zirconia – the word “cubic” refers to the symmetry of its crystals, and “zirconia” refers to its chemical composition (zirconium oxide). Cubic zirconia stones are made from a mixture of high purity zirconia powders stabilized with magnesium and calcium.

Cubic zirconia is virtually flawless compared to zircons that have inclusions or other imperfections.

External features

Many people cannot understand the difference between cubic zirconia and diamonds. Optically flawless and usually colorless — equivalent to a D on the diamond color scale — cubic zirconia has less brilliance than diamond, but with brighter bursts of color. Cubic zirconia can also be created in a rainbow of colors by adding various metal oxides in the process. Cubic zirconia can be custom made in different shades. Color is uniform, lighter colors such as pink and purple may have slight color variations.

The durability of cubic zirconia

Scored at 8.5 on the Mohs scale, cubic zirconia is highly durable and suitable for use in all types of jewelry. The world-famous Pandora jewelry house offers bracelets, earrings, rings, charms and necklaces with zircons in its assortment.

Processing features

The processing uses state-of-the-art Thermal Color Fusion (TCFTM), an innovative and environmentally friendly chemical heat treatment patented by Swarovski. This approach allows you to maintain the integrity of the crystal, protecting it from external destructive influences.

Care rules

In order for jewelry to retain its flawless appearance and incredible radiance for as long as possible, it is recommended to store them separately in a jewelry box or a special bag to avoid scratches. Clean with warm, soapy water and a gentle brush. Ultrasonic cleaners should be used with caution. It is strictly forbidden to drop heavy objects on jewelry.

Mythology and associations

Cubic zirconia lacks the historical significance that natural gemstones have. However, it was the perfect crystal structures that made the beauty and popularity of the innovative stone undeniable. In the 1970s, it became an affordable alternative to diamonds. It is difficult to determine the origin of the mined natural diamonds, but cubic zirconia is fully traceable.

Pandora offers the following varieties of zirconium: transparent, sunny yellow, yellow, unusual gold, pink, light red, fuchsia, cubic zirconia, red, orange, light golden, frosty mint, blue, blue, turquoise, green, black . The price of products depends on the type of product, material (gold, silver), complexity of production and grade of zircon used.

Origin of crystals

In the mid-1970s, Russian scientists discovered how to grow cubic zirconia crystals in the laboratory. Originally created for use in laser technology to make up for the lack of natural rubies to generate laser beams, the stone was developed using technology similar to today’s microwave oven. Grown in a controlled environment with intense heat to create perfect crystal structures, this hard man-made material was soon discovered to mimic the natural beauty of diamonds and was quickly introduced into the jewelry industry. Artificial stone is more popular than ever as a beautiful, durable and decorative stone in jewelry. Cubic zirconia is Pandora’s most widely used stone.

Frequently asked questions about cubic zirconia

? What other artificial stones can be found in Pandora jewelry other than cubic zirconia?

In addition to cubic zirconia, Pandora Jewelry House uses artificial crystals (the name refers to their crystallized structure, and they are often called nanocrystals because they contain nanometer-sized particles of oxides and silicates), lacquered artificial pearls (lacquered imitation pearls — This is a laboratory glass-ceramic with an innovative mother-of-pearl coating).

? What are the most popular collections with cubic zircons?

Cubic zircons can be found in new collections: Reflexions (blue crystals), Shine (silver and gold), Rose (pink), etc.

? What to combine cubic zirconia with?

Cubic zirconia harmoniously complements any look, harmoniously combines with silver and gold, and outwardly is not inferior to diamonds.

? Is it possible to find unusual jewelry with these crystals in Ukraine?

Yes, the Pandora jewelry store offers charms, pendants, clips, rings, earrings with a classic look or made in floral motifs with imitation of dew drops in zircons. You can buy in any of the original 26 stores in Ukraine (Zaporozhye, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, etc.).