The new Star Wars X Pandora collection is a powerful force!

We expect some sensory overload as we announce the Star Wars x Pandora Collection. Come with us to a distant galaxy, where we will meet old friends.






Star Wars x Pandora
Moments chain bracelet with
snake (599254C00)

This is a great way to start this capsule collection. The iconic Star Wars logo we grew up with adorns the clasp of the iconic Pandora Moments Snake chain bracelet. A simple yet effective way to start our first Star Wars x Pandora bracelet.



Star Wars x Pandora
Pandora Shine C-3PO Movable Charm

«He’s perfect,» that’s what Padmé Amindala said when she first saw C-3PO, and I think Queen Amidala would be very impressed with the C-3PO Pandora Shine version. Even though it’s not real size, this droid will adorn your pandora bracelet. This is the perfect use of Pandora Shine as it belongs to the Golden Rod itself.



limited edition
Star Wars x Pandora
Shinning 3D Logo Charm Special Edition

The iconic Star Wars logo also looks perfect in 18K Pandora Shine Gold Plated! Each letter is filled with black enamel and stars are carved on the sides.


Star Wars x Pandora Star Wars Logo Pendant (799246C01)

The Star Wars logo charm is also available in silver and black for those who prefer a more monochromatic look.


Star Wars x Pandora BB-8 Movable Charm

While the BB-8 isn’t part of the much-loved original trilogy of movies, I’ve said a long time ago that it’s the perfect fit for Pandora’s pendant. The Pandora designers have done a great job.



Star Wars x Pandora
C-3PO and R2-D2 Charm

Is there an older and more iconic friendship in the history of cinema? C-3PO and R2-D2 are the only Star Wars characters to appear in all nine films. It can be said that the narrative actually revolves around them, as they are always present during the action. This is a great charm, it is well thought out and beautifully designed. The pendant means lasting friendship.



pendant pendant Star Wars x Pandora R2-D2 (799248C01)

«Don’t worry, we have R2.» This little droid became a symbol of dependability and loyalty, first to Anakin, then to Luke, and then to Poe Dameron. With his squeaking sounds, he always cheerfully objects. Once again, the Pandora designer has done a very good job of detailing that matches the real R-2. The base of the pendant is adorned with stars and blue stones.



Star Wars x Pandora
Chewbacca Charm

They call a fur ball with fleas, a hairy monster and a fluffy ball. The oxidized fur is beautiful, the brown enamel bandolier is tastefully accentuated with dark brown enamel. He is very attractive.



Star Wars x Pandora Charm

Defiantly the most beautiful charm in the collection, this is the Princess Leia charm. By examining the rear disk, you will notice the Death Star and Princess Leia’s home planet of Alderaan moments before the Death Star completely destroyed it. Engraved with the inscription «Do not mess with this princess». This is not a quote from the movie, but possibly a reference to the fact that Leia escaped and helped organize the destruction of the Death Star and its captor, Moff Tarkin.



Star Wars Hanging Charm x Pandora Jedi Order (799252C01)

We were first introduced to lightsabers in the original Star Wars movie: «Your father’s lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi Knight.» Obi-Wan Kenobi, and since 1977 they have become part of mainstream culture. Again, they played with the scale here so that the lightsabers are not too thin and the ends of them do not seem to be cut off. But we’re definitely seeing symbols and this will be a fan favorite.

Star Wars x Pandora The Child Charm (799253C01)

A cultural phenomenon over the past 12 months, «Baby Yoda» has been featured on thousands of Memes and is a global superstar in its own right. To the uninitiated, his name is not Yoda, he is roughly 50 years old and is mentioned in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian as a child. The pendant depicts the Child doing the «hand thing» in his pose. However, this cute little guy tops the list.



Star Wars x Pandora Darth Vader Charm (799256C01)

«I’ve been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. Finally we meet again. The circle is closed. When I left you, I was just a student. Now I am the Master.»
«Only the master of evil, Dart.»
The most famous Dark Lord of the Sith is here in the form of a Pandora pendant, covered in black enamel. I think the helmet motif looks good as a pendant, so I would like to see a Mandalorian or Boba Fett helmet as a pendant in the future. This is a lovely image of Darth Vader’s helmet that I think Star Wars fans will love.

We are in love with the Star Wars x Pandora collection!

What do you think of the Star Wars x Pandora collection?

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