Collection PANDORA winter 2018 COLLECTION necklaces and pendants

Pendant «Dazzling Ice»

The theme of ice floes in this collection continues with this pendant, which resembles an elegant elongated ice cube! This oblong pendant has a rather simple design, but that doesn’t make it any less charming.

Shards of Glitter Necklace

This pendant is like a shimmering gateway to a secret world! Delicate ice cubes create an intriguing necklace shape that will sparkle amazingly in the sunlight. The 45 cm long necklace chain looks great on the collarbone.

Necklace «Moon and Stars»

A beautiful night sky adorns this pretty necklace, and the little stars are reminiscent of the magical Cinderella Dream charm from the Disney series. Open the smooth orb to read the secret message: «I love you to the moon and back.» There is also a small space inside the locket that could be used to hold a lock of your loved one’s hair! The chain allows you to adjust the length to suit your individual style. The total length of the chain is 60 centimeters.

Volatile Pearl Necklace

This unique necklace features a freshwater cultured pearl floating inside. The chain allows you to adjust the length to suit your individual style.

Necklace «String of beads»

This playful necklace features five movable silver beads on a chain. Chain allows you to adjust the length to suit your individual style

Pendant «Glittering Ice» Rose

This pendant can be called a stylish and vintage version of a series of pendants.

Volatile Pearl Necklace Rose

Freshwater cultured pearls alternate with sparkling beads to create a juicy contrast in this elegant necklace. The chain can be adjusted to the desired length.

US exclusive to the Jared series. Rose Ties Necklace

In addition to the charm, which is exclusive to the Jared series, there is also an exclusive necklace and earrings. A single knot tied with a pretty ribbon hangs in the center of this cute necklace. On both sides of the transparent zirconia stone is inserted in the shape of a cube, which adds a little shimmer.

winter collection PANDORA 2018 rings

Ring «String of beads»

In this ring, shiny silver beads are constantly increasing in size, and the largest one is in the center.

Volatile Pearl Ring

This ring design has a freshwater cultured pearl inside that reflects a silver sphere opposite. While the overall look is pretty good, unfortunately this ring reminds us of a belly piercing ring!

Shards of Glitter Ring

Drops of icy sheen meet chiseled rectangular facets on this sterling silver ring. Cubic zirconia shimmers along the lines of the design.

Ring «Dazzling Ice»

The rectangular facets of cubic zirconia add an abstract note to the classic look of the ring. Crafted from sterling silver, with lustrous stones, this ring is sure to make you shine! This simple design of this ring is incredibly chic, just like diamonds!

Ice Beauty Ring

Stones with unique angles on this silver ring reflect the flow of water that has been frozen. The effect is simply dazzling as the light bounces off multiple edges!

Volatile Pearl Ring Rose

Luminous pearls are present in many of the Winter 2018 jewelry, producing modern and elegant jewelry masterpieces. So in this ring, pearls sparkle beautifully in motion.

Ice Shine Rose Ring

Ice Glow Ring is another elegantly designed ring with a beautiful classic stone that looks really amazing.

Winter collection PANDORA 2018 earrings

Earrings «String of beads»

In this season PANDORA Updates a classic hoop earring with an interesting texture of shimmering sphere-like bubbles.

Earrings «Unstable pearl»

This is no ordinary set of earrings — rings. Coming out of the heart and forming a circle, these elegant circles hold the pearl that floats inside!

Earrings «Dangling string of beads»

Following the recent trend of jewelry that can be moved, these modern earrings can be worn at different lengths. Gently pull the ends of the chain to place the beads asymmetrically or evenly balanced.

Earrings «Classic studs»

The beading theme continues with these classic earrings. While their simple design is great for everyday wear, I think they look a bit pricey for the price.

Earrings «Moonlight»

The subtle shape of the moon looks interesting with clear cubic zirconia stones. Their cute design reflects the line of the earlobes in a graceful style.

Earrings «Glow of Ice»

This dainty pair of earrings will be perfect anytime, anywhere and for any occasion! Charming stones create a dazzling effect!

Earrings «Colorful beauty»

These elegant round sterling silver earrings are sure to garner compliments with their lovely beams of light. Glossy cubic zirconia creates bursts and reflections of fireworks.

Earrings «Mother-of-pearl lace» Rose

These cute mother of pearl earrings are also available in beautiful finishes. PANDORA Rose.

Earrings «Glow of Ice» Rose

The contrast of color and faceted shapes adds extra charm to these classic earrings.

Hoop earrings «Hearts»Rose

This is another addition to the series. PANDORA «Hearts». Sparkling stones are set both on the outside and on the inside with a diameter of 2 cm.

US exclusive to the Jared series. Earrings «Love Rays» Rose

These exclusive earrings are from the Jared series. A beautiful ribbon is tied to an elegant knot, symbolizing eternal love. There are also additional details with drawings of hearts and a sparkling stone at the base.

collection PANDORA winter 2018 engraved us exclusive

Charm «Feliz Christmas» from the series «Engraved US Exclusive»

Get into the holiday spirit with charm that shines as brightly as the Christmas lights. Made from silver, with white, red and green enamel and bright zirconia trim, this scar will make a wonderful gift.

Charm «Nutcracker» from the series «Etched US Exclusive»

One of the most recognizable symbols of the holidays is the little toy soldier known as the Nutcracker. Dressed in his red uniform, he draws attention to himself. The Nutcracker is standing surrounded by New Year’s gifts. Italics written «Happy Holidays».

Charm «Thank you for you» from the series «Engraved US Exclusive»

This sterling silver heart-shaped charm in holiday colors with turkey is a very cute piece of jewelry. On one side of the heart is an engraved message «Thank you for you».

All I Need for Christmas Is You Charm from the Engraved US Exclusive Series

This charm is similar behind the design on «Feliz Christmas«. This charm is engraved with the message «All I need for Christmas is you»

Chain with pendant «Blessed (Happy)» from the series «Engraved US Exclusive»

This stunning sterling silver necklace speaks of what is in your heart every day with your family and friends.

Our favorites from this collection are «Robot Bobby», «Spaceman Tommy», «Mickey’s 90th birthday«, «Mary Poppins’ Dream» «Murano glass — a melting ice floe» and «Mary Poppins umbrella«. What’s on your wish list? Share with us in the comments below.