Clip «Ice» Rose

This clip looks absolutely stunning in the contrast of warm pink and cool stones.

US exclusive to the Jared series. Charm «Family — forever»

Thanks to an attentive reader, we learned that this charm from the Jared series is an exclusive. «Family Forever» engraved on the back. Pay attention to the small hole from which small hearts hang down.

Engraved Elegance Charm

Shards of sparkling ice floes come together to form a brilliant ball of zirconia-shaped round brilliant stones. The sharp edges of the stones give this charm a slightly dangerous feel and it will look great paired with the new charms from the collection.

Blue Engraved Elegance Charm

This charm is identical to the Engraved Elegance charm but in blue.

Cerise Dazzling Dazzling Snowflake Charm

The Cerise Dazzling Dazzling Snowflake charm is very similar to the Dazzling Blue Snowflake charm from the Winter 2017 collection. At first we thought that apart from the difference in color, both charms are the same, but as it turned out, the style of the snowflake itself is different. The Cerise version of the charm features an embossed oxidized snowflake, while the snowflake on the Dazzling Blue Snowflake charm is voluminous. We liked the new charm better as it’s more obvious that it’s a snowflake! Both charms would look stunning together on a PANDORA Rose bracelet.

Charm «Blue heart shining in the night»

This is a new version of the heart charms, with a gorgeous blue crystal heart! Although our favorite still remains the charm with a pink heart.

Charm «Ice carving»

A small wreath of crystals dangles from this charm and the pendant is engraved with the message «You melted my heart» and a tiny cutout. We really liked the idea of ​​engraving in this series, as it goes well with the winter theme.

Charm «Murano glass — melting ice»

When we first saw this charm, we thought it was silver with enamel inlays. But we were delighted when we found out that this charm is a new visualization of the Murano glass charms. This charm is shaped like an ice cube and is the first Murano glass piece ever made with a square shape. This ice cube has a cheerful expression and his eyes are incredibly sparkling and glowing from both sides. It has already melted our hearts and made it to our wish list!

Charm «Dazzling Desire»

This charm has two parts. The first is fireworks with beautiful beads. The second is a blue enamel disk that is filled with shimmering brilliance and is reminiscent of the countless stars in the galaxy. The charm is also engraved with the message «The best is yet to come.»

Charm «Dazzling fireworks»

A mixture of clear zirconia and royal blue crystals creates this fireworks explosion. The sparkling blue crystals will look great paired with some of the Winter 2017 charms like the Royal Galaxy and Winter Delight.

Charm «Dog — Robot Bobby»

The Winter 2018 collection includes a new hero — Bella Bot’s pet dog, Bobby! Bobby has movable legs as well as ears and a large heart on his chest. Bobby also has a tiny white nose with an enamel heart! I hope PANDORA will also release a little robot cat for cat lovers like us. Any ideas what it could be called?

Charm «Tommy — astronaut»

Another new hero is Spaceman Tonny! He’s ready to send Bella and Bobby into space to explore the galaxy! Spaceman Tommy’s very large helmet reminded us of Oggy from the science fiction book and movie Miracle. If you haven’t read or watched yet, we recommend it! As huge fans of the Galaxy series, we feel that this charm should be purchased to complete the collection.

Charm «Planet of Love»

The new Planet of Love Charm pairs perfectly with the Cosmonaut Tonny charm! With an angled orbit, this fun charm will look interesting on your bracelet. The silver and white enamel details add to the cosmic vibe!

Chain «Personal Galactic Security Chain»

This rather beautiful chain has sparkling stones, as well as a shooting star and a crescent moon at both ends. This cosmic style is the perfect addition to the star-themed bracelet.

Charm «Santa in space»

Continuing the space theme, we present Santa in a spaceship, instead of a sleigh. Hand-painted in red and white enamel along with a sparkling star decorates this sterling silver charm.

Charm «Cozy Christmas House»

A beautiful nativity scene comes to life on this sterling silver charm. A red enamel house, a festive wreath over the door, a tree in the living room: everything is ready for the arrival of Santa and fun.

Charm «Christmas Train»

This is the first collection to feature double charm! The front of the train connects to a carriage filled with red enameled gifts.

Charm «Warm cocoa»

A warm cup of delicious cocoa is one of our favorite hot drinks, after tea and coffee of course! This hot cocoa looks delicious, with whipped cream, marshmallows and enamel candy! The silver mug also has a cute red enamel heart.

Charm «Perfect Christmas pendants»

These silver pendants perfectly convey the scene of falling snow, friends and a star shining from above. The secret message is engraved below: «It doesn’t matter where» on one side, «A matters with whom» on the other side of the pendant.

Charm «Christmas Bear»

In this charm, a happy teddy bear enjoys his hot cocoa. His little outfit looks very cozy, and is hand-painted in red and white enamel. This charm is definitely worth your attention!

Merry Christmas Charm

This charm — a round snowball with diamonds like falling snow — expresses a festive Christmas message engraved in enamel.

Шарм «Our Lady Aparacida»

Nossa Senhora Aparacida is an image widely revered by Brazilian Catholics. They consider her the main patroness of Brazil. So this charm will be exclusive in Brazil.

Charm «New York Radio City Hall»

PANDORA sponsored the performance Rockettes in Radio City Hall in 2017 and therefore released a special charm and gift set. The charm was released globally but was only available in the US. The amazing style of the charm is made of red and green translucent enamel, which is engraved with the inscriptions «RADIO CITY» and «Music Hall».

Charm «Beads»

This charm is a trio of sparkling beads on this charm, with the smallest of them dangling from a thin chain. Although the collections PANDORA You can often see simple silver charms, this pendant looks a bit odd.

Pave Ball Charm

If you are a fan of Pavé balls, then this spherical one is for you! The new concave shape, with a sparkling surface of stones of different sizes, creates a dazzling effect.

Limited edition. Charm «Silver Christmas Ornament»

This charm is elegantly crafted in sterling silver and gleams with enamel, perfect for the winter season. In the US, this charm will be sold as part of a gift set including collectible charms. PANDORA and charms from the Weekend with Rockettes» . This gift set will only be available for a limited time while stocks last.

Clip «Glitter of crystals»

In this cute clip, a sparkling line of clear stones runs through rows of beautiful crystals. This elegant design will suit many styles and is reasonably priced.

Lucky Deer Charm

In this charm, the cheeky deer walks cheerfully, showing off its sparkling collar.

Charm «Heart decorated with beads»

In this piece, polished silver forms a heart shape that is covered with glittery beads, providing interesting texture to this rather simple charm.

Beaded Pink Heart Charm

Embellished with glittery beaded texture, this cute heart shaped charm will make a wonderful addition to any bracelet. Its open design creates an intriguing contrast with the silver bracelet.

Charm «Brilliant robot — Bella»

Our favorite robot is now in a new transformation! The new Bella Robot charm now has a white enamel outfit, both with pink and silver enamel.