The beauty of the sky is one of the main inspirations for the PANDORA winter 2018 collection. Stars and a crescent moon will shine in many of the jewelry, and shiny cold snowflakes will adorn many charms in this collection. Bella Bot also has new friends in her collection!

Ring «Silhouette of Mickey» from the Disney series

Fans of the Disney series will love the new Mickey ring, featuring a simple yet crisp Mickey silhouette crafted in polished sterling silver. We really liked this detail: this ring fits like a puzzle to the Minnie Silhouette ring.

Ring «Silhouette of Minnie» from the Disney series

This cute ring is part of the Mickey Silhouette ring puzzle. Minnie is shown wearing a cute outfit studded with clear zirconia stones. This ring can be worn alone or paired with another puzzle ring.

Open bracelet «Mickey and Minnie»

This decoration is real magic in the Disney series! Instead of the standard open bangles, this one features adorable portraits of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This super cute bracelet will look fabulous with or without charms. In our opinion, this jewelry should be added to the wish list of any connoisseur Pandora!

Disney Magic Mickey Pendant

Mickey Mouse in this charm is presented as a sorcerer — a dreamer, this charm captivates. Mickey’s hat is adorned with golden enamel in the shape of a moon and a star, and Mickey himself is holding a magical pearl ball.

Charm «Shining smile Mickey» from the Disney series

This charm features the adorable Mickey with his infectious smile. An additional detail is the transparent cubic zirconia stones that adorn Mickey’s head.

Minnie’s Beaming Smile Charm from Disney Series

Stylish Minnie Mouse is featured in this charm with glittery red stones. This charm looks amazingly cute!

Disney 90th Anniversary Mickey Charm

On Mickey’s 90th Anniversary and Celebrating 90 Years of Disney Magic PANDORA Released in a special limited edition. Silver Mickey shines with 14k gold. Presented in a special gift box, this charm will only be available for a limited time.

Charm «Steamboat Willie» from the Disney series

This is another new addition to the Disney series. Designed to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the debut of the famous Disney cartoon, and Mickey Mouse’s birthday, this charm is another Disney must-have!

Charm «Mickey as Santa with a lollipop» from the Disney series

Neither Santa nor Mickey Mouse were ever too old for sweets and candy, especially for the holidays. Treat yourself to this striped sterling silver charm with extraordinary details and red enamel.

Charm «Mickey as Santa and a bag of gifts» from the Disney series

Mickey Mouse in a red Santa Claus costume is a happy messenger of joy with a green sack full of gifts. This silver and enamel charm puts you in the holiday spirit.

Charm «Mickey as Santa» from the Disney series

In this charm, the cheerful Mickey is dressed as Santa, in holiday colors, with red and black enamel on a green background.

Charm «Dreams of Merry Poppins» from the Disney series

If you, like us, always wanted to get a magic carpet, like Merry Poppies, then you will definitely like this charm! Embellished with an incredibly intricate floral pattern, this stunning charm stands out from the collection’s classic pendants and perfectly showcases the wonderful engraving of the pendant.

Charm «Umbrella Mary Poppins» from the Disney series

Practically perfect in every way, Mary Poppins was always and everywhere with a bag in which there were various treasures, and among them there was always a reliable umbrella. Glossy black enamel covers Mary’s umbrella, as well as the parrot head handle. We love the details on this charm, another favorite of ours!

Charm «Silhouette of Mary Poppins» from the Disney series

In the Mary Poppins Silhouette Charm, the flowers from the bag scatter across the white enamel, creating a striking contrast with the black silhouette of Mary flying under an umbrella and holding a bag.

Charm «Disney Parks 2019»

Each year, the Disney series features an image of the iconic castle set against a backdrop of pink enamel. Disney’s famous fireworks explode behind the castle in beautiful lilac crystal pink and gold gems.

Winter collection PANDORA 2018, series «ESSENCE»

Charm «Pink portrait of Mickey»

This year has been the premiere year for many series and here is another first charm PANDORA a series Disney Essence. It’s just impossible not to smile looking at the cute portrait of Mickey with pink ears!

Minnie’s Pink Portrait Charm

Charm twin of Portrait of Mickey. We love these cute pink portrait charms!

Winter collection PANDORA 2018, series «REFLECTIONS»

Clip (clip) «Shining Star»

In collection PANDORA Winter 2018 releases a new range from the «Reflexions» series with this great clip. Interestingly, the clips from this series are available only in metal, and the shining star is a great choice of jewelry from this series!

Clamp «Space Rocket»

The new «Reflexions» series already has a good selection of clamps. One of our favorites is a fun space rocket with a sparkling stone in the center. Her galactic design is whimsical yet very graceful.

Clip «Gift box»

Classic gift box design takes on a modern twist with this clip. We noticed that each new clamp is individual, creative, there is no standard form. We especially like the way the ribbon is placed on this gift box.

Clip «Moon»

Create a fairytale story with this crescent-shaped clip, paired with Star and Rocket clips from the same series to create a breathtaking night sky!

Winter collection PANDORA 2018 bracelets

Bracelet with clasp «Silver shining star»

No you don’t have deja vu, you really saw this design in previous collections. The new bracelet looks almost identical to the Bright Star charm from the Winter 2017 collection. The difference is that the Bright Star charm is made up of six stones in various shades of blue. All six stones are the same size and they are all located inside the star. However, the new bracelet has green, blue and clear stones, which are randomly arranged.

Limited edition. Bracelet «Fireworks» from the Moments series

You might get a sense of déjà vu again as this bracelet is reminiscent of the Ice Crystal charm from the Winter 2015 collection. Instead of a symmetrical design in the charm, the bracelet resembles a sudden burst of bright lights. With the new year approaching in mind, the creators engraved the message «The best is yet to come.»

Bracelet «Colorful ice floes»

The ice theme is one of the staples of the Winter 2018 collection. This beautiful pattern looks elegant and is perfect for a party. The non-fixed clasp allows you to adjust it according to your wrist size. Available in two sizes: 23 cm and 25 cm.

Bracelet with clasp «String of pearls»

As with previous clasp bracelets, the new beaded bracelet can be easily adjusted using the sliding clasp. You can wear it in any degree of adjustment (whether loose closer to the wrist).

collection winter 2018 charms

Charm «Ice sculpture»

Also part of the Beauty of Ice collection is this elegant charm with dazzling details! Clear cut zirconia stones alternate with round diamonds for extra charm.

Blue Ice Sculpture Charm

The slender Ice Sculpture robot is also available in a stunning blue hue with blue crystals.