Recently, women buy jewelry not just to complete their image, it is already something more, a kind of expression of character traits. This desire is reflected in the fashion industry, where the trend is the desire for personalization, uniqueness and originality. Jewelry, in this sense, serves as an excellent opportunity for a woman to realize her creative and selfish ambitions.

According to Pandora, a large number of unique jewelry is associated with the trend of feminism around the world, when women no longer have to wait for men to present some unique gift, because now they are able to do it themselves, especially since this opportunity is quite affordable. Minna Philipson, the company’s chief marketing officer, said the jewelry «serves a wonderful purpose» in allowing women to identify themselves and other women, and the same can be said for women’s fashion in general.

Pandora Summer 2017 ( Pandora Leto 2017)

In 2017, Pandora launched an advertising campaign with a simple and concise slogan «Do», which reflects the company’s desire to motivate women to be unique, personalize themselves with jewelry. And to give fans of the brand the opportunity, Danish designers have created a beautiful collection Summer 2017 (Summer 2017), which has a huge selection of unique designs: from bright, but delicate bracelets and charms in turquoise, lavender colors and up to jewelry in pink tones. .

So, let’s start the review of the new Pandora Summer 2017 collection, because these jewelry are already on sale both in stationary stores around the world and in the Fragola store. We will pay attention to each piece so that our readers can form their own opinion about these wonderful pieces of jewelry and at the same time decide which Pandora charm to buy for this season or maybe a new bracelet, which are also featured in this series.

The new Pandora Open Bangles (Pandora Bangle open bracelet) first appeared in the US and then was withdrawn, and there was no information about what will happen with this jewelry. In some parts of Europe as part of the Summer 2017 collection, and also presented in the Pandora online store. In terms of shape, this piece is very similar to the PANDORA Autograph Open Bracelet (Trollbeads). However, the bracelet has screw caps and is currently offered in either plain or pavé versions.

The collection features two new leather bracelets Mixed Blue Woven Double-Leather Charm Bracelet (Blue double combo bracelet) and Mixed Pink Woven Double-Leather Charm Bracelet (Pink double combo bracelet), which are just perfect for the summer season, as well as under the charm — pendants that were released as part of this series.

This collection has a lot of colored jewelry using enamel and cubic zirconia and fewer beads with Murano glass, however, there are also them — 2 jewelry Murano Pink Glitter and Murano Mint Glitter (Pandora Mint Glitter and Pandora Pink Glitter)

Pandora Cosmic Stars Clips will give the owner of this jewelry a lot of sparkle, because they use a large amount of blue cubic zirconia.

Also noteworthy is the Emerald Mosaic Clip and the Blue Mosaic Clip — jewelry in a mosaic version that has proven itself well in previous series of the brand. The colors match with Space Star clips, with a lovely dusty hue.

The Pandora Radiant Hearts charm pendant is a design that is admired by a large number of Pandora jewelry connoisseurs. In the summer collection, it was released in a glacier blue hue, which looks a bit wintery for summer, but should still look great on summer bracelets.

And now four new oceanic-inspired charms that were the subject of social media discussions when pictures of the jewelry first went public. Some charms use enamel, others use stones, but they are very bright and unusual for previous Pandora collections. To a certain extent, this can be called an experiment of the Danish company, although in the Summer 2017 collection, ocean-themed charms were already produced, which were very similar in color tone to this collection. All charms are presented in Fragola’s online store and are available to our customers.

Sea Fauna Charm is made using enamel and cubic zirconia

The Tropical Flamingo charm has a very original design that uses turquoise and pink cubic zirconia very nicely.

Charm pendant Tropical Sunset — has incorporated a successful combination of transparent cubic zirconia with pink enamel, as well as an original and unlike anything design.

Charm Summer Holiday has a unique design consisting of summer holiday paraphernalia, which will especially harmoniously fit into the theme of the warm season.

New charms Pandora Orchid (Pandora Orchid) are made using enamel in two versions — white and pink. In addition to a beautiful symbolic meaning, an orchid flower also looks incredibly beautiful on a bracelet.

And finally, another nautical-themed jewelry is the Starfish pendant, which will organically complement the summer theme of any Pandora bracelet.

We have presented an overview of the Pandora Summer Collection 2017, all of which are available in our online store, so if you want to buy Pandora jewelry at the best price with a quality guarantee, we will be glad to see you on our website