Preview of Pandora’s new Spring 2020 Floral Collection…


Amazing Spring 2020 collection from Pandora filled with fragrant flowers and fun new characters!


Bracelet with snake binding «Chamomile» from the series Pandora Moments

Classic bracelet from the series Pandora Moments takes on a beautiful spring style with a charming new design. Small flowers with white enamel petals adorn the shiny silver clasp. Tiny golden stones sparkle at the center of each flower, and below them hangs another miniature daisy. Sizes available to order: 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm and 23cm.

Bracelet «Chamomile» from the series Pandora Sparkling

Charming bracelet «Daisy» from the series Pandora Sparkling similar to the Sky Stars bracelet from the winter 2019 collection. Instead of small stars, this bracelet is adorned with tiny flowers. Vibrant cubic zirconia stones adorn the silver links and center of each flower.

Bracelet with snake binding «Pandora» from the series Pandora Moments

New snake-bound bracelet from the series Pandora Moments has a new style of clasp, which was previously used in bracelets from the series Beads & Pavé. Logo Pandora engraved on both sides of the clasp for a modern look.

Bracelet with snake binding «Pandora» from the series Pandora Rose Moments

Bracelet with snake binding «Pandora» is also available to order in finishing Pandora Rose.

Bracelet with several snake bindings «Pandora» from the series Pandora Rose Reflections

Bracelet with several snake bindings «Pandora» from the series Pandora Reflectionswhich was released in 2019, is now available in a beautiful finish Pandora Rose with shiny silver clasp.

Safety chain «Chamomile»

Keep your charms away Pandora using the new safety chain «Romashka». Two beautiful daisies adorn both ends of the thin chain, and a sparkling stone glitters in the center of the larger flower.


Charm «Krolik Nini» by Pandora

This season introduces several new heroes! Among them, Nini is a charming bunny with beautiful long eyelashes and a camomile on her ear. The fluffy tail and small hearts hidden on the paws make the decoration more unique!

Lucky Bee Heart Charm by Pandora

This adorable heart shaped charm with cut out hexagons forming a honeycomb pattern looks very original. A small buzzing bee is located at the corner of the decoration, and «Bee H♥ppy» is engraved in the middle. Tiny silver details adorn the sides of the charm, while the logo Pandora located on the reverse side.

Charm «White openwork chamomile» from Pandora

This beautiful charm Pandora is on our spring favorites list! Tiny white enamel daisies form the base of the piece, while a bee and a ladybug sweetly fit into the charm’s composition.

Charm «One World» from Pandora

We don’t have much information about the One World charm from Pandora. It may be available for order after the release of the spring collection or be an exclusive decoration for certain countries. The design of the One World charm is similar to the design of the Spinning Globe charm but does not rotate. The charm is also engraved with the words «One World» and the globe says «Mother Earth».

Charm «Blue Chamomile» from Pandora

Beautiful blue and white enamel creates an ombré effect on the petals of this decoration. Clear cubic zirconia stones add sparkle to the flowers on the charm.

Charm «Musical Notes» from Pandora

Apart from spring nature elements, the new spring collection also includes a few hobby items such as cute musical notes. The facets of the charm form various musical notes. A cute detail is the tiny note that dangles from the edge of the charm.

Cactus Free Hugs Charm from Pandora

Cactus Free Hugs Charm from Pandora — one of our favorite spring 2020 collection from Spring. Despite its quills, this cheeky cactus sits in a small pot with a «free hugs» ad! The eyes and mouth of the cactus are painted in black enamel, and a pink flower adorns its small plump head.

Charm «Electric Guitar» from Pandora

The Pandora Electric Guitar Charm is perfect for music lovers. Corporate logo Pandora decorated with a crown on the front. On the reverse side is engraved the message «Rock Life”, and transparent zircon stones adorn the top of the jewelry.

Charm in the form of a bee «Be mine» from Pandora

Another cute charm in the new spring collection is the new Be Mine charm. A cute bee flies to her lover, carrying a small heart with the inscription «Be mine». Glossy black enamel alternates with lines of beads that form the striped body of the bee.

Charm «Shining soccer ball» from Pandora

Support your favorite team with the new Shining Soccer Ball charm from Pandora! The football pattern in the decoration is formed from smooth and sparkling pentagons.

Charm «Turquoise Daisy» from the series Pandora PavIt is

Turquoise and clear stones of various sizes adorn this sparkling charm, while cute daisies rise above the sparkling backdrop.

Charm « Chamomile Murano» by Pandora

In our country, there is not much information about the charm «Camomile Murano» from Pandora, but I really hope that it will be released, because it has a great design! In this decoration, chamomile flowers burst out of the pale green pattern in the background, which is reminiscent of a grassy meadow.

Charm «Ice cream cone» from the series Pandora PavIt is

A mixture of pale pink and clear zirconia stones in the shape of a cube resembles scoops of ice cream and features a detailed waffle cone. Pandora released the Ice Cream charm in 2015, but it was not available for order in all countries. Fans will be delighted to hear that the new ice cream charm will be available to order worldwide!

Loose Shoe Charm by Pandora

Loose Shoe Charm by Pandora perfect for both fitness enthusiasts and those who like to wear loose shoes! Our favorite piece of jewelry is the protector, which is made up of lots of little hearts!