Your attention is invited to continue the preview of Pandora jewelry for spring-summer 2018. This time — a review of the Pandora Rose collection dedicated to spring and Mother’s Day. It has new bracelet designs, floral motifs, and cute bunnies that we look forward to!

The first half of Pandora Rose Spring 2018 will debut with the spring collection on March 15; the second is March 12th. Read on for the full review!

Pandora Rose Spring 2018 Collection Preview

The Pandora Rose release offers shoppers several pieces of floral design from this year’s spring collection. First of all, let’s take a look at the Rose versions of the clip and charm. Magnolia Bloomswhich last year was released in silver.

Charm Wildflower Meadow pairs well with the purple jewelery in this collection, but features pink and yellow stones instead. We love the little ladybug pendant at the base of the charm and would love to see a full version of the charm in the shape of it!

There is also a corresponding spacer bead.

In retrospect, Pandora Rose jewelry has always been quite decorative or abstract in design, but recently they have begun to introduce charms featuring specific objects and characters — last winter, for example, they were Christmas gifts and trees. In the spring, they represent Cute Bunny with pink enamel ears and inlaid eyes. We probably would have preferred it without the inlay, but we love the concept nonetheless!

We’ve previewed the silver version before. Beautiful Botbut it will also be released in Rose.

Suspension Happy в Rose combinetsya with suspension I Love Youwhich came out on Valentine’s Day — it’s nice to have a version with a more concise look.

Next, we have three new bracelets from the Pandora Rose collection! The first is a standard bangle bracelet.

There is also a Rose version of the new chain bracelet, which will also be available in silver. In this image, you can see how the charms are strung on the bracelet — it unclasps where the two parts of the chain join.

And the last bracelet of this collection is not a charm bracelet, but Rose version of the Signature Open bangle.

Ring Enchanted Crown It has powdery pink crystals.

Ring Signature Hearts performed in the usual Rose.

Wildflower Meadow has many different details in the form of butterfly wings, dragonflies and cute inflorescences.

Earrings Wildflower Meadow are expensive, but wonderful decorations.

Also for the spring collection Pandora released earrings Enchanted Crowns.

Pandora Rose Mother’s Day Preview 2018

Also on April 12, a set of jewelry in Rose for Mother’s Day will be released.

Starting with the charms, it’s interesting to see the new Rose beads. We love the idea of ​​two-tone rose gold jewelry, but we would have preferred it to be made entirely of rose gold rather than a combination of Pandora Rose and regular silver. Earrings are offered to you. Heart Highlights.

Part of My Heart combines Rose and purple tones.

Pink and Pandora Rose always look great together, and we love the combination of these colors in the pendant. Pattern of Love.

We also love the clip Arcs of Love.

Some of our favorite pieces from this collection are inspired by patterned hearts. This pattern looks very attractive, especially in the Rose finish. Hearts Filigree inside it has a large transparent zirconium stone, which in this case looks pink — we think, due to the fact that the pink metal is visible under it!

Suspension Harmonious Hearts attractive enough.

Harmonious Hearts in the form of a pacifier offers a childish theme in this design.

We can’t decide if we like the bead Radiant Hearts in Rose theme. On the one hand, the combination of Rose and bright lilac seems like a rather curious combination, but we think that this charm is one of those that look more beautiful live.

The next two designs are dedicated specifically to Mother’s Day: like, for example, Mother & Daughter Hearts and Mother Heart.

Harmonious Hearts Chime it has a really nice design. It’s not cheap, so expect it to be big enough live!

great to have Floating Lockets in a Rose version to match the miniature elements from Rose that came out last year. This medallion is presented on a 60 cm long chain.

Also available will have a similar charm Floating Lockets.

Earrings Bright Hearts also offer a new idea of ​​combining pink metal with purple stones.

We then have a series of «Wish» rings: Shining Wish, Beaded Wishand more expensive Shimmering Wishinlaid with zirconium.