Today brings the next in our Pandora Spring/Summer 2018 jewelry preview series, with a full look at the Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collection! As you might expect, they offer us mother-themed designs, but nevertheless, most of the new jewelry has more original details and elements than what we have seen in the previous few years. With a large selection of butterflies, balloons and small animals, the number of heart-shaped jewelry as well as regular beads has been greatly reduced.

The collection will be released on April 12, so until then, these jewelry will not be available for sale worldwide. This post covers an overview of all charm products — bracelets, charms, miniature versions of beads and medallions. And in the following posts we will tell you about other decorations! The UK already received part of the Mother’s Day collection earlier this month as they celebrate the holiday earlier than most other countries. The rest of this collection will go on sale in April, and they will be designated as part of the II spring 2018 collection.

Read on for the full preview!

Preview collections Pandora Mother’s Day 2018

Let’s start with the bracelets — check out three new bangle designs coming out for Mother’s Day! Flourishing Hearts has an engraved inscription «Love Makes a Family» (English — «Love makes a family»). Bracelet clasp Sparkling Floating Locket also plays the role of a medallion — you can choose miniature beads for it, which is a pretty neat concept.

However, our favorite of the three is the top bangle, which has a beautiful «lace» design that is crafted from silver. We didn’t find it in the UK or other catalogs, except for the French one, which appeared online last week. We’ll have to wait to find out unequivocally where it will be available.

Moving on to charms, we have a very nice set coming out in April for you — we’re intrigued by how Brilliant Bow will look great on a bracelet!

We like suspension Flourishing Heartsand the clips Shiny Bow also very beautiful. It’s always great to see new designs of security chains, even though their temple holes don’t actually look thick enough to fit over traditional Moments bracelets.

Next we have charms directly related to Mother’s Day. There are a couple of traditional hearts and beads, but we think Pandora did a great job with the Mother’s Day theme, going beyond the banal. charms Elephant & Balloon absolutely adorable and also a great way to honor the arrival of a new family member, while bird and house pendants are nothing more than cute.

Our latest collage contains a series of charms dedicated to special events and milestones in life! There are wedding charms — one for the bridesmaid, and a more cheerful one for the bride and groom, while Bouquet и Cake Slice can be used not only for wedding but also for other events. Our favorite is the cake charm, although it says «Congrats» on it, which limits its versatility!

There are a few extra beads that don’t appear in the US catalog — which probably means they will be: a) exclusive versions, b) part of a special Mother’s Day gift set, or c) they won’t be released in North America at all. .

Suspension Birds very similar to a pendant Mother & Baby, but perhaps more romantic.

Suspension I Love My Mum very similar to the enamel charm above, but this time in the shape of a pendant. We think it looks great but would have preferred it without the extra stones on the temple.

Suspension Lotus is our favorite from this series.

Moving on, we have a set of new miniature versions of medallion beads. These are letter charms.

In addition to the range of medallions, a version is included Sparkling charm pendants. Its production image does not show along with the miniature beads inside, unlike previous versions of the medallions.