In today’s post, we will be able to see all the jewelry of the Pandora collection Mother’s Day 2018. We already had announcement of this collection with bracelets and Charms, but here we will look at accompanying jewelry — rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets not for Charms. This collection will be released on April 12.


bracelet Brilliant Bow will be in three sizes: 16.5 cm; 18.5 cm and 20.5 cm

bracelet Sparkling Strand will be in a new gold color for Mother’s Day. It will go well with the Pandora Shine collection.


Earrings Flourishing Hearts were already released last month in the UK. They look very beautiful on the ears.

Earrings Bright Hearts Hoops in the form of hearts with lilac and lavender stones.

Earrings Brilliant Bows. Another very cute earrings in the form of bows.

Earrings Sweet Statements with pink enamel.


further necklaces. Brilliant Bow and Bright Hearts

Bright Hearts has the usual Pandora charm design

And finally, we have a floating locket in the shape of a heart set in stones Sparkling Heart..


We will finish with three new rings. ring Brilliant Bow in the form of a bow.

The other two rings are something new — floating medallions. The first ring is with a logo, and the second is in the form of a heart with stones Sparkling Floating Heart Locket