Many people ask — what is Essence and how is it different from ordinary Pandora? I will try to answer these questions.

Essence is a relatively new collection from Pandora, which means «essence» in translation. It was released in November 2013 as an opportunity to display our inner self with the help of charms that embody certain valuable qualities of our character.

The charms of the Essence collection are filled with a deeper meaning than ordinary charms, and can tell a lot about us, but only on condition that the interlocutor can correctly “read” them.

The Essence collection is a symbol of faith and manifestation of character, a kind of philosophy of life.

Pandora offers a short test to determine which Essence charms are right for you. This can be a great help if you need a charm for a gift and you don’t know what to choose.

You can also use the bracelet designer and see how your chosen charms will look together on a bracelet.

The bracelet itself is a base thinner than a standard bracelet and without jumpers. Accordingly, charms with smaller holes. A feature of the charms is an internal silicone insert that securely fixes the charm on the bracelet and prevents it from moving around the bracelet. Also, you should remember that these bracelets must be protected from water — with constant contact, the silicone inside the charms may lose its properties.

Now let’s take a closer look at this line.

Essence collection bracelets:

Classic silver bracelet – ESSENCE SILVER BRACELET596000


Silver bracelet — balls — ESSENCE BEADED SILVER BRACELET596002




There were also textile braceletsbut they were quickly discontinued, apparently due to low popularity.

Screenshot 2015-06-03 at 11.24.41 Screenshot 2015-06-03 at 11.25.40

All bracelets are available to order in sizes from 16 to 21 cm.

The first collection of charms included 24 pendants, namely:


Freedomfreedom, 796012

Healthhealth, 796015

Respectrespect, 796014

Worldpeace, 796002lp

Hopehope, 796008mq

Loyaltyloyality, 796005aq

Energyenergy, 796001car


Faithfaith, 796006sam

Confidenceconfidence, 796022cz

Honestyhonesty, 796017

Wisdomwisdom, 796016

Balancebalance, 796053cz

Trusttrust, 796019cz

Compassioncompassion, 796003sq

Happinesshappiness, 796021cz

Lovelove, 796009msp

Positivitypositivity, 796010mag

Braverycourage, 796004hes

Passionpassion, 796007sru

Strengthstrength, 796000spb

Joyjoy, 796020cz

Prosperitywellness, 796013

Prosperityprosperity, 796001avg

Then they added these:


Curiositycuriosity, 796025

Spiritualityspirituality, 796029

Carecaring, 796043rrq

Patiencepatience, 796044bla

Devotiondedication, 796047cz

Faithbelief, 796045sfo

Optimismoptimism, 796046lq

Generositygenerosity, 796048cz

Intuitionintuition, 796049

Susceptibilitysensitivity, 796051

Dignitydignity, 796052cz

creationcreativity, 796050

In May 2014, a line with zodiac signs was released:

Zodiac signs

Aquariusaquarius, 796032cz

Ariesaries, 796034cz

Cancercancer, 796037cz

Capricorncapricorn, 796031cz

Twinsgemini, 796036cz

a lionleo, 796038cz

Scaleslibra, 796040cz

Fishpisces, 796033cz

Sagittariussagittarius, 796042cz

Scorpioscorpio, 796041cz

Taurustaurus, 796035cz

Virgovirgo, 796039cz

Finally, I can say that all the charms of the Essence collection are excellent life reference points; the goal to which it is necessary to strive; qualities that we fully possess or try to cultivate in ourselves.

Also recently, the company began to produce Essence charms along with seasonal lines. Read reviews of new issues in the news — I publish them promptly.