Jewelry from a new series Pandora Disney The Lion King will be the pride of your collection!

This summer Pandora fans were delighted with many new jewelry: from the series Dumbo, Aladdin and Toy Story 4. In the next month, the movie «The Lion King» will be released together with the stunning collection PANDORA DISNEY Lion King.

The new collection is quite small and consists of one bracelet and four charms. Two charms are made of pure silver, and the other two are made of 18 carat gold Pandora Shine.

bracelet PANDORA DISNEY The Lion King

This new bracelet features a beautiful clasp featuring Rafiq, Simba’s love interest. We really like this image because it symbolizes the scene in The Lion King when Rafika draws a red mane on himself when he realizes that Simba is still alive. This bracelet will be the perfect base of the collection.

Silver charm «Simba» from the series PANDORA DISNEY The Lion King

The Simba portrait charm was our favorite from the beginning. The face and personality of Simba in this decoration depicts him in those moments when he is ready to take responsibility and become king. Black enamel details emphasize the eyes, and burgundy enamel forms the nose. When viewing low-resolution source images, the red enamel appears much brighter, but in reality it will be darker.

Charm in the shape of a heart «Simba and Nalu» from the series PANDORA DISNEY The Lion King

As with most Disney films, The Lion King is a film not only about friendship, but also about love. The new charm will remind you of the scene from the movie with the waterfall and the soundtrack of the movie «The Lion King». Yuna Nalu and Simba hugged in the center of the charm. Golden stones in the shape of a cube illustrate a beautiful sunset. Tiny cut out hearts adorn the perimeter of the ornament.

Charm «Simba, Timon and Pumbaa» from the series PANDORA DISNEY The Lion King

There is none business — the perfect phrase to describe the new charm of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. A trio of friends follow each other in this decoration. Behind them is an image of the jungle made of green enamel. Two green cubic zirconia stones adorn both sides of the charm.

Limited Edition Charm «Simba and Mufasa» from the series PANDORA DISNEY The Lion King

It is interesting that the first charm of «Simba and Mufasa» was silver. The right decision was to make this jewelry in gold. Incredible shades of gold are the signature colors of the film, and the coating Pandora Shine made of 18-karat gold perfectly complements the amber enamel details. On one disc, Mufasa and Simba sit together, watching their Kingdom. The second disk swings behind, depicting a savannah with tall trees and elegant giraffes. An interesting hieroglyphic pattern also adorns this charm.

Limited Edition Charm «Simba» from the series PANDORA DISNEY The Lion King

The silver «Simba» charm was our favorite from the range Pandora Disney Lion King. But that was until we saw the version Pandora Shine! The shiny golden color is perfect for the image of Simba and his smooth mane. As in the silver version of this ornament, black enamel emphasizes Simba’s determined eyes, while dark red enamel forms the nose. Charm Pandora Shine Disney Simba — this is our favorite in this collection!

This year has been so exciting for Disney fans that Pandora decided to add several series of jewelry to support the premiers Disney. Our clear favorite of this collection was the «Simba» charm from the series Pandora Shine Disney Simba.

What do you think of this collection? Will any jewelry make it to your wish list? Share your thoughts in the comments below..