Today we get to know the latest news from the Pandora Fall/Winter 2017 collection, which came with a press preview in Poland and Spain.

The Pandora Autumn 2017 Collection is coming out August 31, and the Winter 2017 Collection is likely to be released November 2.

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Let’s start with the new Pandora Rose jewelry. This season, the company has clearly decided to put more effort into Rose.

Here in the photo we can see the new Shimmering Murano Rose, Glittering Christmas tree Rose, new security chain Rose, and new Winter Kiss Rose.

We know for sure that a new Pandora Essence Rose bracelet will be released and most likely this is it. But because of the lighting, it’s hard to tell if it’s yellow gold or rose gold.

We also have other photos of Rose jewelry, but you can also see the new bangle bracelet. It’s hard to see the design, but it looks like a snowflake.

Again, it is impossible to distinguish what kind of gold it is, pink or yellow. But judging by the photo, we can say that it will be a threadless Pandora Rose bracelet.

And finally, new Pandora Rose petites will be released. We’ve seen Rose’s new Christmas-themed petites before, but these will be more versatile.

In the following shots, the focus will be on the new Winter Ornaments. We see new blue pavé stars and clips with rather large stones. There is also a new light blue Murano.

Then we see a new necklace Winter Heart a few other decorations.

A few more photos where we can see closer the new Pandora Winter 2017 jewelry. Snowflake charm in dark blue enamel. Looks very nice new white and navy blue shining hearts with silhouettes of snowflakes outside.

To match the snowflakes, we have round charms in the same navy blue with a line all around. In the center, a white enamel charm with a Christmas tree, snowflakes and a snowman.

On this bracelet we see a charm with the words «Merry Christmas» (Merry Christmas), but it is difficult to describe the details on the bead itself.

Rings. Classic rings with a green emerald stone will appear, which look very charming. And another ring with the inscription Pandora.

In this photo you can see classic rings in several colors.

Another charm of the Essence collection — which means «Optimism» (optimism).

The following photos were taken from the article «Professional Jeweller».

And the first piece of jewelry is the aforementioned Pandora Rose Bracelet.

Next up, some new round charms in gold, pink and silver.

Another photo with the Pandora Rose bracelet, plus new geometric charms.

Additional photos: