Chokers have a rather controversial history. Their prototype was the red ribbons worn around the neck by courtesans to indicate their belonging to a piquant craft. Sometimes simple black choker necklaces meant secret lesbianism. They became simple decorations, free from labels and stereotypes, quite recently in the 20th century. They became widespread in the 1920s—think of Lady Mary at Downton Abbey. Then came back in the 40s when women in the US in particular started experimenting with «colliers de chien».

What is a choker?

A choker, also known as a choker, is a necklace that fits snugly around the neck. It does not go down to the collarbone or chest, but sits around the throat like a collar.

This style of necklace originated from the fashion of wearing a ribbon around the neck. This type of jewelry became popular in the 90s, when many world famous celebrities fell in love with it. This trend continues today.

Such necklaces are useful for drawing attention to a thin and attractive neck, and perhaps to divert attention from figure flaws elsewhere.

What is a choker?

8 stylish chokers you can make at home

The popularity of this jewelry gives us a great opportunity to show our creative skills and make such a necklace ourselves. Adding in this way to your image even more exclusivity and uniqueness.

If you love chokers as much as we do, check out these fantastic ideas for making your own.

  1. Henna style
    Such chokers were popular 15-20 years ago and were originally made of cheap plastic, which eventually caused unbearable itching on the neck. The beauty of making your own accessories is that you can make adjustments to account for things like this. You can weave a classic shape using an elastic cord that is more skin friendly than plastic.
  2. Simple beaded necklace
    Do you love the idea of ​​a black choker but would you rather add some embellishment or keep it simple? Then you can string a bead or ring charm in the center and attach a clasp at the back for easy adjustment.
  3. chain necklace
    A stunning simple ring chain necklace can be made from a strip of fabric with a clasp at the ends.
  4. Simple beaded chokers
    To create such an accessory, you can use a thin cord and small beads, centering them with a simple knot in any combination and colors that you like.
  5. Plain velvet tie
    A thick black velvet ribbon tied like a butterfly looks very simple and at the same time very elegant around the neck. It goes well with the classic pieces in your wardrobe.
  6. Double chain necklace
    Ribbons and beads are great, but what if you prefer a metallic aesthetic in your jewelry? In this case, a double chain with a charming bead in the center. Perfect for industrial style.
  7. metal rings
    A metal detail fixed on a cord or ribbon is a great way to express yourself and distinguish yourself from the gray mass without introducing bright colors into the image that not everyone likes.
  8. simple ribbon necklace
    All you need is a simple ribbon and an adjustable buckle. Charms from the Pandora Reflexions collection are perfect as beads for such a choker. Which will add a fashionable accent to your image and emphasize your individuality.

What is a choker?

Where to buy a choker in Ukraine?

It is not necessary to make such decoration yourself. Show off your sense of style with the Pandora Collar Choker, available in a variety of materials and colors (Silver, Pandora Shine, Pandora Rose). Add your favorite charms to personalize your look or pair the choker with a stylish bracelet.

Add romance to your image and certainly attract the attention of those around you with a sophisticated openwork heart choker necklace. You can buy these and other jewelry in the online jewelry store Fragola, which offers Pandora jewelry and is a representative of the Danish brand in Ukraine.

Classic 90s style is cool, adventurous and adds a little sophistication to take your outfit to new heights.

What is a choker?

Often asked:

⏩ What charms are suitable for choker necklace ❤️ PANDORA REFLEXIONS ❤️?

The necklace is compatible with charms from the collection of the same name.

⏩ Why doesn’t the “Openwork heart” necklace darken? Is it really made of silver?

This choker is made of 925 sterling silver with a special coating that prevents it from darkening.

⏩ What does the choker necklace symbolize?

This accessory for a woman, as a rule, they are worn, just to show a sense of individualism and pride in themselves.

⏩ Are choker necklaces still in fashion?

Chokers are making a big comeback. This fun and fresh accessory is suitable for all ages and makes a great jewelry gift for a young fashionista.