Choker translated from English means «strangler». This value is very well suited for this piece, as it is a short necklace that fits snugly around the neck and has an adjuster. Thanks to this, the jewelry is ideal for any woman and is adjustable depending on the thickness of the neck.

Many believe that chokers appeared only a few years ago, but in fact this is a rather old version of jewelry, which was preferred even by queens, duchesses and other nobility. And there is also an early version of chokers: African tribes wore such jewelry in the form of metal rings from childhood, and every year they added one ring.

The Indians had a special relationship with chokers, who made them from threads, beads, and decorated them with feathers. And for the leader, such a choker was made by a shaman, speaking to protect the owner, and he was special for a person. For many nations, this decoration also carries a deep connotation, and is also interpreted differently depending on the variant. Since then, chokers have only changed and acquired a lot of varieties depending on the style of clothing.

What are chokers made of and what are they worn with?

Modern chokers can be bought in a large assortment in many online stores. They are made from a wide variety of materials, such as: wood, plastic, metal, bone, velvet, leather, satin, stones, etc. In addition, a combination of several options is also offered, as well as the presence of pendants and other accessories that create a chic look and give femininity to the owner.

Buyers are offered:

Ribbon chokers — one of the most popular options, which is a simple black ribbon that fits snugly around the neck. If you choose this option, then it is well suited for a different outfit and will decorate an ordinary image with a bright and original one. In the manufacture of different fabrics are used: velvet, lace, satin, as well as leather. In some versions, it is decorated with a small pendant.

Metal chokers are also quite popular. Despite the catchy look, they have become a universal decoration that is suitable for an evening dress or regular jeans. It is a solid metal plate or an ornament of several elements assembled into a single structure.

Beaded chokers — This is ideal for girls who have a short neck. Such decoration will add grace and brightness to the image, as well as visually lengthen it a little.

Choke-tatu or chokers from fishing line. This model has been known to many since childhood, but right now it has gained great popularity. This jewelry is very well suited for teenagers or young girls, which allows you to wear it with any casual clothes and not bother with choosing an image.

Wire Chokers — This is a classic version of the decoration, which fits snugly to the neck and is made from wire, which allows you to make the patterns more voluminous and curly. They are combined with your favorite image, especially with clothes from different styles.

If at least one of the options appeals to you, you can safely experiment and select for different images. Thanks to the large variety, chokers have become something of a necklace that complements any look. Online stores offer a large assortment in various colors, as well as styles, including Gothic.

Chokers with their own hands. Video: