Earrings are one of the most beloved women’s jewelry that enhance beauty. They perfectly complement any image, make it sophisticated and feminine. Therefore, a lot of time is always spent on their choice, taking into account such details as the type of insert, attachments and compliance with the shape of the face.

Each season, new earring models are introduced with familiar details, colors and shapes that surprise with impressive combinations. After all, any fashion trends are able to return after many years, along with updated modern trends. What products should be paid special attention to this year — read in this article.

Fashion jewelry 2022, silver and gold earrings

Despite the fact that world-famous designers are trying to outdo each other in the ideas of creating original jewelry, this year they all agree that His Highness Glamor and Her Majesty Luxury will reign.

These styles categorically do not recognize minimalism. They are characterized by:

  • brightness and dazzling brilliance of jewelry accessories;
  • multicolor, sometimes simply unimaginable combinations of shades of both metals and inserts;
  • massiveness of forms and non-standard sizes;
  • an abundance of both natural precious and semi-precious stones or their artificial imitations.

It is necessary to bet on expressive, attention-grabbing jewelry for the ears. Then no one will remain indifferent to you — they will not be able to look away and will definitely make a pleasant compliment.

What are the most fashionable earrings in 2022?

The most important fashion trend that dominates every foreign catwalk and is present in many collections of branded jewelry and bijouterie is XXL gold and silver earrings. This is an accessory for those who are not afraid to be the center of attention. Massive Congo earrings and cuffs a la the 90s are popular. In the past, in 2021, hoop earrings were minimalistic, thin, barely reaching the middle of the neck. In 2022, these are non-standard boho-style maxi accessories, decorated with voluminous floral motifs.

Models created in the boho style are in particular demand. Feathers, tassels and beads are decorative elements characteristic of this style that look amazing with both airy summer dresses and simple jeans and t-shirts.

An interesting idea for brave girls who like to play with fashion is to focus on asymmetry — wear only one earring, but it is extremely expressive and eye-catching. A large round mono earring with a themed pendant gives the face a fresh and natural glow. This jewelry trend has appeared in the collections of Givenchy, Prabal Gurung, Sacai and other leading fashion brands. In everyday life, these earrings are perfectly combined with romantic women’s outfits, enhancing the effect of tenderness and fragility of the owners, even if they are stronger in the soul than a steel rose.

What are fashionable earrings 2022 for every day?

Pearls, beloved by the unforgettable Coco Chanel, are synonymous with classics and versatility. Therefore, it is not surprising that this noble, elegant and timeless decorative element is often used in the production of earrings. They look best with a necklace in the form of a string of pearls or with a similar-looking bracelet. This type of ear jewelry will be especially relevant during a date, family event or other celebration that requires formal style.

Fashionable gold earrings with pearls, which were worn by our mothers and grandmothers, are again at the peak of popularity in the 2022 season, as evidenced by numerous photos of bloggers and show business stars. These are both classic options in the form of studs and climbers, and in a more fancy pendant design — with one or two pearls at the end of the chain.

Suspended models always make the face slimmer. This is a great solution for chubby women. Long silver earrings surprise with their variety — from thin chains with pendants to stylish chandelier earrings. This year we also recommend to take a closer look at the pendants, consisting of small circles, resembling a chain. Jewelry trends accept both round earrings and other geometric shapes such as squares, diamonds and rectangles. Oval jewelry will suit the owners of a square-shaped face — they soften the sharp chin and add lightness.

Once again, the favorite is double or triple earlobe piercings. From different shapes and sizes of earrings, you can make a unique composition.

Two closely spaced tiny earrings (not necessarily with a stone) in the earlobe, reminiscent of a snake bite, have become one of the main piercing trends of this year.

Hoop earrings have not lost their leading positions for several seasons in a row. They suit every style. To enhance them, you need to wear several rings of different sizes on one ear, depending on the position, but small and medium ones look best. You can choose classic, simple or this season’s trendy jewelry with custom shapes. Even the simultaneous wearing of metal products of different colors is allowed.

Fashionable earrings in 2022 should not only be of a solid size, but also very colorful, noticeable in the photo. They can consist of beads, neon elements, plastic rings and rhinestones. They are used in all kinds of earrings — from long and dangling models to studs that will never go out of style. This type of jewelry can combine many elements. But long, brightly embellished earrings are not the best choice for everyday wear. Such accessories are best suited for ceremonial exits or parties. Together with jeans, sports sweatshirts and casual sweaters, these earrings will look out of place and ridiculous. The same goes for clips. They are comfortable, do not require holes in the ear, but visually age. Therefore, they are more suitable for women of mature age for special occasions and official business meetings.

Since everything new is forgotten old, stud earrings, pins, sticks and twigs are again fashionable, the shape of which goes far beyond the earlobe.

Christian Dior jacket earrings in the form of huge hoops, iridescent in all colors, in which the main element is worn behind the ear, is not a completely everyday solution, but it is worth wearing at least a few times a year. Such double-sided transformer models allow you to look and feel confident and stylish.

Remember in the early 2000s, earrings with multi-colored enamel elements were fashionable? They are back in fashion. No wonder, because bright colors cause only positive emotions.

Those who want to invest in jewelry for many years should buy models with natural gemstones of unique cut, with openwork elements of various shades of gold and silver. But if funds are limited, but you want to always look luxurious and fashionable, you can buy several silver and gold-plated earrings in the Silvers online store with delivery throughout Ukraine.

The main motto of this year is diversity, which allows you to realize the idea of ​​self-expression through modern jewelry. Inspired by our proposals, you can create fashionable images every day and even in the most ordinary situations feel like you are on one of the most famous catwalks.

Order different models of earrings, and you will see how one small detail drastically changes any image, and other changes in life may follow it. Take action!