Pandora bracelets have long been fashionable and popular jewelry. All girls like original products without exception. Their advantage lies in the fact that you can choose the pendants for the bracelet yourself. Charms have their own meaning and characteristic.

The most popular types of charms

When buying a new charm, it will be helpful to learn more about the symbolic meaning of each pendant:

  1. The Frog Princess charm combines two qualities: immortality and wealth. The people of the East consider the frog a true symbol of protection. In addition, the frog is able to attract monetary success.
  2. The horseshoe is a symbol of good luck. Another useful property of it is the protection of its owner from all failures and evil intentions.
  3. Buddha symbolizes wealth and prosperity.
  4. The balloon is a symbol of positive changes in life. A little suspension will help you make sure that all changes are for the better.
  5. Clover is a symbol of the Holy Trinity, as well as good luck. Also, according to many, such a pendant can bring success and wealth.
  6. Sakura is the favorite flower of the Japanese. Such a charm symbolizes wisdom and beauty.
  7. The key and the lock are symbols of power, success, wealth.
  8. The tree is a symbol of life and prosperity. Original pendants are sure to bring success and abundance. The tree also symbolizes family and self-sufficiency.
  9. The Holy Family is a popular pendant among believers. In their opinion, such a charm symbolizes happiness and material wealth.
  10. The apple is a symbol of longevity and knowledge.
  11. Animal charms from Pandora

Among lovers of branded jewelry, animal pendants. The most popular include the following:

  1. Cat — symbolizes success and happiness, as well as prosperity.
  2. The peacock is a beautiful and bright bird, symbolizing happiness and family. She also represents wealth and prosperity.
  3. The owl is a symbol of wisdom. Also, the bird symbolizes mystery and determination.
  4. The camel is a symbol of calmness, endurance and deliberation of actions. Very often, girls go with such charm to show their readiness for family life.
  5. Dolphin symbolizes friendliness and responsiveness. According to many, it is this decoration that will help to conclude a happy marriage.
  6. Butterfly is a symbol of rebirth. Such a charm demonstrates the readiness of its owner for changes in life.
  7. Kangaroo symbolizes advancement in spiritual and material terms. In some cases, the Australian animal can even be considered a symbol of rapid career growth and prosperity.
  8. The giraffe symbolizes calmness, tenderness and kind character. Charm will help you achieve success both in your career and in your personal life.
  9. The unicorn is a mythical animal. It symbolizes success, happiness, fulfillment of desires.
  10. The starfish symbolizes resilience and readiness for any difficulties and stressful situations.