Been wanting to review the lovely new I Love Reading charm for a long time.

Been wanting to review for a lovely new charm from the fall 2016 collection for a long time.

Charm I Love Reading (I love to read). Anyone who loves to read even a little should have this charm :).

Lovers of reading are a whole stratum of society, one might even say a caste of people who cannot live without a book. As children, they were scolded by their parents for reading under the covers with a flashlight. Today, of course, young people read less, but at the same time, blogs, websites, and audio books have gained popularity. We can say that books migrated to smartphones and tablets and found a new, younger audience. Therefore, this charm will be of interest to both the older and the new generation, to confirm their status and their hobby.

Pandora made the charm «I love to read» in the form of a pendant (pendant). A book hangs on the ring, which can be opened and glasses :). On the front of the book is written I Love Reading with a heart, and inside the book there is a little rhyme: Ignore the things you have to do and just enjoy a book ot two. (Ignore the things you have to do and just enjoy a book or two.)

The feature of this charm are charming silver glasses. Most of them don’t need glasses to read, but their detail is amazing. They are simply pleasing to the eye and give this charm a zest, individuality.

It is very pleasant that Pandora does not forget about lovers to read. Readers from our team expressed their desire to get the charm of a typewriter or inkwell or fountain pen. Let’s wait and hope to replenish the collection. Charm I love to read costs around $45 in the US.

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