A reasonable question, given the variety of branded jewelry and their constant replenishment and updating.

Silver and gold-plated Pandora rings will come in handy if you want to surprise your soulmate, loved one. Close people know each other well enough not to “miscalculate” with the size. Pay attention to the stones and the method of inlay — the brand offers many options for jewelry with a special, symbolic overtones.

Pandora bracelet is a universal gift. Mom, sister, girlfriend, colleague, beloved woman. Sizes, variations and the possibility of subsequent addition with pendant charms make these jewelry the leaders of choice.

Pandora chains are another option for a universal present. Pandora charms and pendants, also distinguished by special shapes and the presence of branded engravings, will help to complement it. Pandora necklaces are close to them in meaning, which can be presented in honor of special occasions and personal holidays, on the eve of solemn meetings and receptions.

But true kindness doesn’t wait for «special» days. Kindness should not be tied to specific dates or events. There is only one condition — a heart impulse and a desire to create it. Without this, all the benefits of kindness, as well as the sincerity of words and gifts, lose their meaning.