Like any other jewelry, Pandora jewelry requires constant care and careful maintenance, and then they will delight you with their beauty and brilliance for a long time, like on the first day of purchase.

With frequent use, silver tends to darken and this is a natural process. This article gives tips on how to keep your jewelry shiny or restore it if it has already faded a bit.

There are many chemical liquid silver cleaners available online, but these are not the best choice for cleaning Pandora charms and bracelets. I would even say that I categorically do not advise using them — their composition is too specific and caustic, it destroys the oxidized film on products, removes all oxidized fragments from charms and bracelets. Such products are ideal for pure silver products without oxidation elements and detailing. And charms and pendants with pearls, stones or enamel in general will be hopelessly damaged by these powerful means.

A few years ago, I purchased a similar product (very well-established in the US market) and tried to clean my charms.

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In the photo below you can see the result of cleaning one charm. Is it really different from the original?


And I was not able to restore the former look of the charm. I don’t experiment anymore on charms, but I use this tool for periodic cleaning of the bracelet, I just immerse it in the liquid not completely, but holding it by the lock so that the blackening on the letters does not wear off.

It is better to start caring for products from the first day of purchase — after all, the more carefully you treat your jewelry, the longer they will serve you and delight you with their radiance. Silver, reacting with various substances that we use every day, has the ability to tarnish. This applies to such things as: perfumes, skin creams, salt and chlorinated water. Your natural level also affects oxidation. pH — depending on its value, jewelry will oxidize faster or slower. You can’t predict this in advance, we are all so unique.

Cleaning bracelets, charms and rings at Pandora

Most Pandora stores in Europe, Asia and the US have a small sonic silver cleaner.

This service is free and available to all visitors — such a nice bonus for owners of brand jewelry, regardless of where you purchased your products in this particular store or in another. So when you go on a trip abroad, do not forget to bring your charms and bracelets with you. Regarding the provision of such a service in Ukrainian Pandora stores, I can’t say — you need to check directly with them.

Cleaning charms and bracelets at home

There are several ways to clean Pandora jewelry that are well-established and quite affordable at home.

The first. You will need warm water and regular soap (or dishwashing liquid). Prepare a soap solution by adding soap or a little detergent to the water and dip all your jewelry into it. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes, then take a soft (non-abrasive) toothbrush and rub each charm gently until you achieve the desired result. Afterwards, rinse and pat dry with a towel. Instead of soap solution, you can also use toothpaste or tooth powder. This method is suitable for cleaning silver charms and bracelets, charms with stones and murano. Not suitable for natural and imitation pearls, leather bracelets and wood products.


Second. You will need baking soda and warm water. Dip the bracelet in water, pour in soda and shake the bracelet in it a little (just don’t be too zealous so that the soda particles do not scratch the products), leave the jewelry in this solution for a day. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a towel products and you will be surprised how they are transformed!

There are also many ways to clean with citric acid, ammonia. Many people recommend boiling products with foil, but I prefer more gentle methods so as not to harm.

Cleaning and Polishing Cloths – Pandora Polishing Cloth

Polishing your Pandora jewelry with a polishing cloth is a great way to keep your charms in top condition. They return the lost shine to the products — just take and wipe all the jewelry well. Of course, the wipes do not remove the scratches, but the charms will shine brighter.

In the Pandora store, along with the purchase of a bracelet, they give these napkins:


I recommend these — Pandora Polishing Cloth — they are an order of magnitude better in quality, they can be purchased at any Pandora store (foreign). The fabric has a special impregnation, thanks to which it not only cleans and restores shine, but also covers the jewelry with a protective film. Remember that such a napkin cannot be wetted, so as not to wash off this impregnation.


Caring for your Pandora leather bracelets

Pandora leather bracelets are also easy to care for at home. To do this, use a light hand cream, this will soften the skin, saturate it and help avoid creases and scratches.

Follow these simple tips to make your leather bracelet last longer:

  • — remove the bracelet at night so that it does not stretch;
  • — do not put more charms on him, what the manufacturer recommends (read here);
  • — try to avoid water, do not forget to remove the bracelet before going to the pool or swimming in the sea.

If the bracelet does get wet, remove all charms from it and let it dry at room temperature.

Use clips for a bracelet only with special silicone stoppers, then they will not slide over the bracelet, thereby not scratching it.

photo 5

Caring for Pandora Textile Bracelets

Textile bracelets also require careful handling. Of course, they are not as delicate as leather ones, but it is still worth neglecting care. The fabric of this bracelet tends to get dirty, so the main rule of care is to periodically clean the bracelet with soap and warm water. Remember that proper care and accuracy will help preserve the original appearance of jewelry for many years.

You can also turn to specialized jewelry workshops, where your jewelry will be carefully taken care of and you will receive it back in almost pristine condition. Usually jewelry boutique sellers know good workshops and can recommend them to you.

I hope that my advice and recommendations will help you in caring for Pandora jewelry, and they will last you a long time and bring many happy moments!

And if you have your own secrets for the care and cleaning of Pandora jewelry, feel free to share with us in the comments.