The material from which jewelry is made is prone to wear, darkening, oxidation and the formation of scratches. Read and apply our jewelry care tips — and your jewelry accessories will keep their shine and good appearance for many years.

How to care for jewelry

jewelry care

Jewelry made of any alloy deteriorates as a result of contact with chemicals used in the household. Therefore, it is recommended to remove them before doing housework, as well as before swimming in the bath, pool or on the beach. Especially avoid contact with water of products with Swarovski crystals, marcasite, zircon, wooden, leather and textile elements (straps and cords).

Getting jewelry wet can cause stones to fall out and damage/discoloration of elements that cannot be repaired or restored.

Avoid direct contact between jewelry and cosmetics. It is dangerous for minerals of natural origin, such as:

  • Amber,

  • weapon

  • pearls,

  • emerald.

Chemical substances contained in cosmetics — hairspray, perfumes, lotions — can lead to fading and remove the shine from the surface of metal and stone. Cosmetics should always be used before wearing jewelry.

Decorative stones — both natural and synthetic — are quite fragile and prone to falling out, cracking and chipping as a result of impact.

Jewelry with stone and leather inserts should always be removed before going to bed, doing housework, playing sports, and other activities that may damage them.

in order for jewelry to remain in its original form as long as possible, especially matte products or with coatings (gold-plated, rhodium-plated, patinated), situations that cause mechanical abrasion of the surface should be avoided.

chains and jewelry threads are very sensitive to kinks, so they should always be removed before going to bed. They should not be bent or rolled too tightly, as this can lead to tears. All thin and delicate chains must be stored separately from other jewelry so that they do not get tangled and do not break.

jewelry care

Each piece of jewelry should be placed in a thong bag to prevent damage.

It is best if each item is in a box, in a separate compartment, covered with a soft fabric that protects the jewelry from scratches.

For cleaning and polishing jewelry, we recommend using jewelry wipes saturated with a product that perfectly removes plaque and polishes the surface. This is the most convenient, fast and easy way to care for jewelry made of medical gold, jewelry and jewelry metal alloys. Also, jewelry can be immersed for a few seconds in a warm soapy solution. After that, they should be thoroughly washed under running water.

How to care for gold jewelry

The higher the index of non-precious metals in the alloy, the more they are prone to oxidation and darkening of the surface.

Products made from low-quality gold samples (333 and 375 — 8 and 9 carats) are most prone to the oxidation process due to the low content of gold in the alloy. The oxidation process is accelerated by contact with chlorine, sulfur contained in healing water or warm springs, salt water and some medical preparations. It happens faster if the accessories are constantly exposed to light, moisture and air. This can be slowed down by storing unused jewelry in cases, boxes, or tightly sealed packaging.

Jewelry elements made of leather and textile materials (straps and cords) are prone to wear and tear, can stretch and discolor over time.

Products made of precious metals with openwork elements require special care. They are deformed and destroyed as a result of pressure, compression or impact.

In this case, the care of such jewelry should be carried out with the help of special tools that can be purchased in jewelry stores. You should always read the instructions, which indicate the types of products and metals that this product is intended for cleaning, and the correct way of using it.

Special care should be taken when cleaning rings, earrings and pendants with stones, leather, wood or textile elements and coatings (rhodium, gilding, electroplating). Regarding the care of such jewelry, it is best to consult a jewelry workshop.

It is undesirable to clean jewelry made of medical alloy with toothpaste or soda, as it can remove the top coating and cause tarnishing or permanent discoloration of the surface.

Now you know how to properly care for jewelry, keep it in its original form and extend its wearing life. Thanks to these recommendations, you can afford to buy more inexpensive accessories in the Silvers online store, which will always look like they were just purchased.