Gold and silver jewelry look good separately.

It is believed that yellow gold cannot be mixed with white or silver, because the symbol of the first is the sun, and the second is the moon, which are opposite elements.

But what if you wear mostly gold items, and you were given a present and really wanted to buy a silver watch or bracelet?

Do you really have to give up your favorite accessories for a while?

Can I wear yellow gold and natural silver?

You will receive answers to these questions by reading this article and make your own decision.

What the classics do not allow, modern fashion allows. There are more and more trends in it, when designers combine gold and silver in their collections.

In recent years, there are often jewelry systems in which combined precious metals create an interesting and unusual visual effect — in wedding rings, spectacular thick bracelets and voluminous earrings.

Combinations of silver with white gold, which does not differ much in color, or compositions based on contrasts in one piece of jewelry have become especially popular.

The most striking and most successful example is the iconic Cartier Trinity Ring.

Even in some collections of Pandora bracelets and necklaces, combined models appeared.

The main advantage of being able to wear natural silver and yellow gold together is that when choosing jewelry, the owner can afford to buy and safely wear jewelry made of both metals.

Wearing rings or bracelets made of different alloys on one hand is allowed, because the combination of a gold ring with a colored eye and a thin silver wedding band will suit any style. Rings of different precious metals can be worn on both hands, but they must be similar to each other in terms of gloss or texture.

However, it is important that the jewelry does not just look good together, but matches the age, status and clothing style of the owner.

Regarding whether gold and silver can be worn around the neck, a massive gold chain is in harmony with a thin silver chain.

Despite the different colors, the same type of products from different metals are beautifully combined:

  • chains or bracelets that are of the same thickness and with a similar weave;
  • pendants and bracelets with the same stone. But keep in mind that gold gives diamonds and stones that imitate them a yellowish tint, so it is better to combine them with white metal;
  • rings and earrings made of materials of the same shade and made in the same style;
  • when the earrings and chain are gold, it is allowed to wear a silver bracelet.

Many people often ask about the possibility of wearing a gold cross with a silver chain, and vice versa. Today it is acceptable and common in different countries, because such a pendant carries a sacred meaning.

Previously, this ban was inscribed in the rules of the classic dress code until 2000. In the case of traditional jewelry, especially those that are passed down from generation to generation, it is not recommended to combine silver and gold. These are usually quite large in size and look great without any other additions.

Sometimes more modern accessories made of the same precious metal can look bad next to them. This breaks the styling and makes the image unattractive.

A silver necklace around your neck and gold diamond earrings will always give the impression of randomness and chaos.

A romantic gold diamond ring will look bad with silver modern or patinated jewelry and modern watches.

Tabout the fact that you can wear gold along with silver, folk beliefs, esotericists, energy therapists and doctors deny. All are unanimous in the opinion that white metal gives calmness and creates balance, and yellow — invigorates. And if they are put on at the same time, they drown out each other and lose their properties.

Both of these materials have been proven to have different effects on the body.

Silver carries out:

  • removal of inflammation;
  • preventing the development of infections;
  • antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral action;
  • reduction of manifestations of vegetative-vascular dystonia, diseases of the genitourinary and respiratory systems;
  • reduction of high blood pressure and nervous tension;
  • relieve stress and improve mood.

Silver products are recommended to be worn for cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. However, for unemotional people, gold will be an important help for:

  • improving memory, concentration and vision;
  • body toning;
  • treatment of varicose veins,
  • normalization of the digestive tract;
  • alleviate the condition in diseases of the throat.

Since the above effects are different, when wearing products from different metals, the following may occur:

  • mood swings;
  • insomnia;
  • headache;
  • fainting and dizziness.

Esotericists focus on the fact that white metal is stronger and has more powerful energy. In its purest form, it takes away unnecessary thoughts, emotions and experiences from the owner. But in the presence of impurities in this metal, a strong healing effect should not be expected.

Compared to silver, gold has a weaker energy. It is most suitable for those people who were born under the zodiac signs of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. Patronizes honest and generous people, helping them:

  • recharge with positive energy and be inspired to take action;
  • achieve planned goals;
  • reduce anxiety and doubt.

It is up to you to decide whether to combine gold jewelry with silver accessories, follow fashion, honor folk customs or comply with the requirements of doctors and energy therapists. The main thing is to have a sense of proportion and follow the rules for choosing jewelry, wearing them in those situations where it is appropriate!