Decorative brooch is in trend again! This original accessory can make any image bright and attractive.

brooches were known as early as the Bronze Age, around 1500-1300 BC. They were worn by both men and women. In ancient Greece and Rome, this type of jewelry was made of bronze, silver, copper and gold. They became most popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. Then they completely went out of fashion due to the fact that clothes no longer needed to be connected, and returned in the 19th century.

Despite being completely ignored for the last few years, brooches have become a part of modern style again today.

Stylists recommend that a woman of any age should have at least one brooch in her jewelry box. The main thing is to choose the right shape, size, color and stone insert.

How to wear a brooch?

The difference between a brooch and other types of jewelry is that it is not worn on the body, but put on clothes. The main decorative element is limited from the inside by a pin, with which the decoration is attached to the clothes.

It is customary to place decorative brooches:

  • in the upper part of the chest — on the shoulders,

  • under the collarbones — in the center of the neckline.

The pinnacle of elegance is a product located just below the neck.

Which side to wear a brooch?

It is customary to wear this ornament both on the left and on the right, and also be used to secure the free edges of a sweater or a scarf.

A classic place for attaching a brooch is a jacket or the neckline of an evening dress.

However, today stylists increasingly insist on non-standard solutions, such as wearing brooches in unusual places:

  • on the belt

  • pockets,

  • hats,

  • scarves,

  • bags,

  • purses,

  • coat collar fasteners,

  • tying, securing a scarf or handkerchief.

How to wear brooches correctly?

If you want to look fashionable and modern, give preference to minimalist options, such as a small silver brooch with delicate zircons. The lapel of the jacket will look classic, will add sophistication and elegance to the modern style.

The most common decorative motifs are brooches in the form of butterflies, dragonflies, twigs and flowers. Due to their versatility, they are combined with any style. Suitable for both cocktail dresses and summer, elegant ball gowns, coats, sweaters or blouses with a stand-up collar.

Since brooches are a strong decorative accent, no other type of jewelry is used together with them. When wearing a brooch, you should give up necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It should be the highlight of an outfit or accessory, not its continuation.

What to wear a brooch with?

Brooches like to contrast with an outfit. For bright clothes, it is better to choose a darker brooch. Silver and shiny jewelry will be harmoniously combined with black and dark outfits.

A simple and uniform color dress will be enlivened by a colorful product of an unusual shape. For a decorative or patterned outfit, it is better to choose muted jewelry.

It is necessary to take into account the degree of formalization of clothing. To emphasize the elegance of the outfit or give it style, you should choose a brooch made of precious material — silver or gold.

Brooches made of felt, fabric or feathers are suitable for everyday clothes.

Medium-sized jewelry with a simple design looks beautiful on a bolero or as a fastener for a cardigan.

A brooch made of light-reflecting material further brightens the look. It goes perfectly with a little black dress.

Women with large breasts should not place brooches in the immediate vicinity of the bust, because in this way they will optically enlarge this part of the body.

How to wear a brooch with a shirt?

A well-chosen brooch will make the simple monochrome fabric of a classic blouse more attractive. It is best to attach it directly under the collar at the height of the first button. Then it will look like a necklace with a pendant and give an original accent to an ordinary shirt.

How to wear a brooch on a coat or jacket?

These decorations are suitable for spring, autumn and winter coats. They are worn on lapels. The main condition is that the sizes of lapels and brooches should be proportional to each other. In this case, you should choose products without sharp ends and small parts.

How to wear a brooch on a sweater?

When decorating a sweater, sweater or golf turtleneck with a brooch, you need to be ready for the fact that thanks to its thoughtful and unique design, you will stand out from the crowd.

Be careful with the dimensions. It is of great importance what to wear a brooch that is too large and heavy — it will damage the thin and delicate fabric. Make sure that the knitted fabric of the sweater is tight enough to hold the brooch. So that it stays firmly on the jersey, and does not sag, put a cotton pad under it. The brooch will be more noticeable if it contrasts with the clothes. Absolutely miniature products will be imperceptible. It is better to combine bright things with a dark-colored brooch. This will balance the image. Silver and diamond brooches are suitable for dark shades.

By following these rules, you will always look stylish and modern. Since there is no such thing as a lot of jewelry, you can choose the appropriate brooch models for each set of clothes in the Silvers online store.