The new bracelets combine all the «chips» of the classic, hard and Autograph bracelets.

This is a wonderful novelty! They will diversify your Pandora bracelets, adding novelty and a fresh look! They are very practical, comfortable, beautiful and you can “beat” them in completely different ways!

So, Open-Bangle Pandora bracelets!

Why are they incredible? They combined all the «chips» of each of the bracelets:

— elliptical shape and the absence of a clasp, like the «Autograph», allows you to wear it as an independent accessory and put it on your hand is extremely simple, moreover, the elliptical shape better repeats the volume of the brush;

— the beads at the beginning and at the end of the bracelet are removable (possibly both at once), which means that, unlike the Autograph bracelet, they can be filled with beads and Pandora pendants;

— in these bracelets there are special «fixers» that do not allow beads and pendants to slide over the surface of the bracelet and scratch it. Moreover, these clamps look absolutely perfect: they do not spoil any absolutely chosen style, as they are made as neutral as possible — miniature, made of smooth silver.

You can choose different bracelet options for yourself. So far, their choice is not particularly large, but we are sure that these bracelets will be on the Pandora “market” for a long time, so we are waiting for each collection to add a design.

Below in the gallery are some options for bracelets filled with charms.

I also wanted to share with you one more, no less pleasant news: the hits of Valentine’s Day 2017 will soon go on sale, but in new colors. These Pandora charms proved to be incredibly popular, and it’s pretty predictable that Pandora decided to expand their color range. Meet: pale pink, white and blue! Cute and fresh, typical summer colors. What do you think?

These novelties made us very happy and we are looking forward to their appearance in our Pandora online store.

PS Clasps for bracelets with a secret. You can remove the plug by pressing it down and making a half turn. Without pressing the plug will not turn! Be careful! 🙂