All celebrities love jewelry — especially bracelets. Both women and men adorn their wrists with them. It would seem that they should give preference to gold accessories from fashion designers. But in fact, stylish non-precious jewelry is in demand among the «stars».

Shambhala is a popular bracelet among the stars

Many celebrities give their preference to Shambhala bracelets. Many of them put a special meaning into wearing such an accessory — in their opinion, such a bracelet brings good luck and happiness. Shambhala is a macrame bracelet based on glass beads.

This accessory is loved by rapper Jay-Z, who believes that it is the bracelet that brings him success. The famous Paris Hilton also loves this decoration and tries not to part with it, because, in her opinion, it brings her peace of mind.

The Shamballa bracelet is also popular among other celebrities. Beyoncé, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham also love this jewelry and often wear it to secular parties.

Bracelets Cartier Love

Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria and other actresses prefer Cartier Love bracelets. This exquisite gold jewelry is very popular among representatives of royal families. Each piece is made in unisex style.

The special design is the highlight of the product. If ordinary bracelets are simply worn on the hand or attached to the wrist, then the American designer’s jewelry can be opened with a special screwdriver. A flat bracelet consists of 2 semicircles, which are connected into one. This technique symbolizes true love.

The prestige of the American bracelet was influenced by the fact that many celebrities prefer this particular piece of jewelry. Among them are Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve McQueen, the family of the Dukes of Windsor and many others.

Pandora bracelets

Pandora bracelets have gained a lot of popularity lately. They represent a typesetting system — various pendants can be fixed on the bracelet. They can be both in the form of figures, and letters, numbers and just beads. For many, such a bracelet is a real amulet and amulet.

Many celebrities prefer Pandora bracelets. Among them, Katie Holmes, Emma Watson, Ashley Grint, Ksenia Sobchak, Anna Semenovich, Regina Todorenko, Ravshana Kurkova also love bracelets from a famous brand.

Frey Wille bracelets

Frey Wille Jewelry House has been creating modern and stylish jewelry for more than half a century. Each accessory is created by a team of designers, artists and jewelers. The basis of all brand products is precious enamel, created from a mixture of glass, mineral additives and gold powder.

The brand uses a special combination of colors in each of its products. Unusual designs and original color combinations make these accessories truly stylish and unrivaled. That is why Frey Wille bracelets are preferred by many celebrities: Nina Badric (Croatian singer, Eurovision participant), Ekaterina Vilkova (Russian actress), Tonia Sotiropulu (American actress) and many others.