Regardless of the holiday, whether it’s St. Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, New Year, March 8 — it’s better to plan everything in advance. A gift that you already gave last year, or a gift from the “just what” series, is even worse than leaving your loved one without a gift.

If you’re already in the mood to prepare for this year’s holiday and are ready to start looking for the perfect way to express your feelings, Fragola offers several pieces from the world-famous Pandora jewelry house that your lady will love.

Bracelet with a lock for lovers: a win-win classic

This simple 925 sterling silver bead bracelet is the perfect addition to a woman’s wardrobe. This season, Pandora designers have added a little love charm to the classic PANDORA bracelet: a mix of metal hearts with pink splashes reminds of love. Slide aside the maze heart crafted from PANDORA Rose alloy to reveal a carved heart crafted from 925 sterling silver and encrusted with enamel. This pendant is a symbol that you follow your own heart. You can not ignore the lock, which is made in the form of a red heart. It can serve both as a separate decoration and as a harmonious addition to an accessory for lovers.

The decoration will be an exquisite gift and better than words will tell your dear person how much you love him. The bracelet can be decorated with various beads, depending on the mood and season. The only thing that will always remain on the bracelet is a lock-heart, because time does not matter for love.

Pandora bracelet with lock and key: show your love

Sometimes it’s better to show once than to say a hundred times. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry as a gift and do not know how to choose the perfect one, stop at something that will convey the most important thing to your loved one: they are loved.

A classic Pandora Moments bracelet with a detachable clasp closure emblazoned with “LOVED” so you don’t even need to be reminded of what’s important.

Pandora bracelets for lovers: materials

Love has many different manifestations. The best way to convince your loved one of the uniqueness of your love is through jewelry.

In the range of the category “Bracelets for lovers” you can find products from different materials:

  • textile;
  • leather;
  • silver;
  • gold;
  • with inserts and without, etc.

Every year, the Love jewelry series is replenished with new design solutions. This year, the design of locks has undergone changes, and new beads have also appeared: robots, hearts in stones with an arrow, in the form of a “be yourself” chest, with the letters L, O, V, E. The range of pendants has also increased in the form of notebook pages with love letters. notes, an asymmetric heart, cupids with arrows — more details can be seen here.

Browse our online jewelry collection and find the perfect personalized gift for your girlfriend, wife or best friend. Delicately handcrafted, PANDORA jewelry is timeless in design. All jewelry is made from high quality metals such as 925 sterling silver, 925 sterling silver with 18k gold plating and PANDORA Rose metal alloy.

Love is not only to love, but also to feel that you are loved. In the first case, this is the classic concept of love, and in the second, it is a feeling that inspires you and completely changes your outlook. In the current collection, designers have focused on the feeling of being loved. The choice is large, give your loved ones a piece of your “heart” with the help of Pandora jewelry, and we guarantee you a sparkle in their eyes and delight.


❤️ What is the price of bracelets for lovers from Pandora❓

The price, depending on the material, product type, color and size, can vary between 390-1800 hryvnia. Please note that promotional and bonus offers often operate on the site.

❤️ Is there a quality guarantee❓

We carefully monitor every item. But, if for any reason the buyer is dissatisfied with the quality of the jewelry or the inconsistency of the order, we will do our best to rectify the situation.

❤️ How to choose the right bracelet with a lock for lovers❓

To select, it is enough to know the size of the coverage of the wrist and the number of desired beads. For example, for 5 beads, the length of the bracelet should be 2 centimeters more than the coverage of the narrowest part of the wrist, and for more — 3 cm.