Today we present to you, our first review of the Pandora bracelet from the pre-fall collection 2016 — Starry Sky.

We were waiting for it, everyone really liked it even in the preliminary reviews! Pandora has not had such a beautiful and unusual clasp for a very long time. After receiving it, we liked it even more :).

The bracelet did not come out on its own, it was accompanied by many charms of stellar and zodiac themes. We already know that the autumn and winter collection will also feature very beautiful star charms and clips.

What we liked is that the clasp is round, the most convenient form of the clasp, scrolls, does not rub, does not cling, does not scratch, it is conveniently fastened and unfastened. On one side of the clasp we have stars on polished silver in which you can see your reflection :). On the other side of the clasp is a large star with a cubic zirconia stone. Some staged a debate on the topic — is it a star or the sun! We have not heard any official information about this yet. But that doesn’t matter. It’s very beautiful anyway.

The starry sky bracelet costs a little more than a regular classic bracelet. In the US, its price is $75.

A large selection of bracelets is presented on our website in the Pandora Bracelets section.