Boho style is inextricably linked with freedom, sun and fun, holidays, looseness, nature, lightness and comfort. It is devoid of artificial glamour. Such jewelry is suitable for women who want to escape from the daily routine and initiate big changes in their lives.

What is bohemian style?

Boho is an unconventional approach to fashion that originated in the 19th century. It consists in a sensual, feminine and romantic combination of hippie, ethnic and Indian style with gypsy freedom. It is characterized by symbolic ornaments, natural fabrics and decorative patterns. The main role in this style is given to decorations.

Boho jewelry is made with the utmost attention to detail. The basis of most products are precious metals, that is, silver and gilded silver. They are complemented by decorative accessories made of Swarovski crystals, colored threads, stones, wood and leather.

Despite the fact that boho jewelry is filled with symbolic patterns, they are characterized by a breath of freshness and summer blissful looseness.

A boho hairstyle is a creative mess. Loose braids or loose hair, covered with waves, a wreath of flowers or a headband. Convenience is above all, so earrings cannot be heavy and massive.

Like all women, this style loves lace — loose, airy and openwork dresses. The lace can only be a collar insert, a whole corset or sleeves, preferably voluminous and wide. Openwork patterns are already enough decoration, but if the dress has a large neckline, a string of pearls is appropriate, which will match the previously selected earrings.

The most popular boho jewelry:

  • earrings — tassels, cuffs, chandeliers (volumetric models consisting of several levels), climbers (asymmetric products that adorn not only the lobe, but the entire ear), jackets, the decorative part of which is worn on the base in the form of a carnation;

  • pendants in the form of feathers, dream catchers, on the theme of hamsa (five);

  • non-closing rings, phalanx midi, models that are put on two fingers at once and bandage rings that are loved by many women. Openness is the fashion trend of 2017. It concerns not only rings, but also necklaces and bracelets;

  • a necklace is a boho piece of jewelry that tightly surrounds the neck. A thin strip of dark leather, an openwork wide choker or voluminous necklaces with stones;

  • bracelets are worn not only on the wrist, but also on the ankle. In ancient Indian culture, such an ornament on a woman’s ankle meant only that she already had a husband. Fine pearls on the arm or silver stainless steel bracelets with themed charms will complete the look. Bracelets on strings, despite their inconspicuous elegance, also correspond to the boho style. There are models with an openwork sheet and a feather.

How to choose boho style jewelry?

Boho is multifaceted. It is characterized by contrast and eclecticism. Its main directions:

  1. gypsy style, characterized by bright clothes, mostly large sizes, loose silhouettes, many large jewelry and layering. Long earrings and large bracelets attract attention not only by their appearance, but also by their sound. Necklaces and gold chains that reach to the stomach are a must for any designer outfit. Metal elements create a characteristic ringing when moving;

  2. eco-boho is a hippie style of the 60s of the last century, which is distinguished by its brightness, multicolor, the use of natural materials, different textures and patterns. Mostly these are handmade jewelry, which differ not only in different countries of the world, but also in different regions. It is allowed to wear jewelry, but only of high quality;

  3. ethno-style in jewelry — products made according to natural motifs in the form of leaves, flowers, shells using leather, multi-colored beads, threads. These are embroidered or beaded bracelets, earrings, chokers.

Don’t forget that Boho style is meant to express individuality, so don’t be afraid to experiment with jewelry. The more original the jewelry, the better.