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Treat yourself to any Pandora jewelry on Black Friday!

Very soon, on November 26, on this day, or rather on the night of November 25-26, Black Friday Pandora is planned in Ukraine. Surely each of you knows what kind of day it is. Of course, this is the day when you can buy gifts for you and your loved ones for the New Year and all the upcoming holidays of the next year. And as you know, there are many. This is March 8 and February 23, and of course, birthdays and a large number of significant dates. The Pandora Bracelet store will definitely help you choose gifts for you, as well as for your family and friends.

Our store is holding a Pandora Jewelry Sale with an extended discount period. You can apply the discount from 25 to 29 November! those. from Thursday to Monday. No need to stay up at night, no need to spend the night with a tent in front of the store, as the most inveterate shopaholics do in the USA 🙂 The main thing is not to forget to bookmark this page and write down the PROMO CODE >>. The promotional code can be applied in the basket or reported to the operator when confirming the order! PROMO CODE applies to the entire range of products! except for the packing and sale section.

History of Black Friday

This day came to us from the USA. There it coincides with the Friday after Thanksgiving. This is the start of the Christmas sales season. These traditions appeared in the 19th century, and the term «Black Friday» appeared in 1966 in Philadelphia.

Officially, this day is not a holiday or a day off, but many employees do not go to work, taking time off. Only trade workers remain at their jobs in anticipation of a large income for their establishment. On Black Friday, you can see stores open from 4-5 in the morning, and large chain stores, to attract customers, can wait for their visitors even at midnight, giving them discounts of up to 80%.


What can you choose anyway?

We open our doors for you, offering a huge range of beauty and luxury. Here you can find:

Pandora rings made of precious metals: 925 sterling silver, a unique metal alloy Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine. Choose several rings for yourself and wear them together, or you might like one ring with a large stone or many small ones. In any case, you will always pay attention.

Earrings Pandora is a combination of fine jewelry art and exquisite design. A variety of colors, shapes and combinations of materials will please fashionistas of any age.

There is also a wide range of necklace.The choker is the shortest necklace, only 35-40 cm long. Such an ornament will lie elegantly at the base of the neck and is suitable for a collection of clothes in a classic style.

Range chains around the neck can attract with its wealth. A variety of jewelry can be matched to any wardrobe and style of clothing and create your own unforgettable image.

Pandora bracelet — this is the basis of any material, on which small beads (charms) are strung.

I would like to pay special attention to charms (as well as pendants — pendants) — miniature products that will complete your look and express your current mood. They are strung on bracelets and allow you to change the composition of the Pandora bracelet, taking into account your wishes and ideas. They come in many forms, and include a specific theme, for example:


Of course, this is not the whole range, which we told you about today. All this and much more you can find in our Pandora Bracelet store. On the website of our store, you can be the first to know and order new items that we ship on the day of the order. We love our customers and provide them with a guarantee for the entire range offered. You can return or exchange the item you purchased, even if you don’t like it. And also follow shares, discounts and sales from Pandora Bracelet. On the day hBlack Friday from Pandora Bracelet There will be the biggest discounts on all products. And you can pamper yourself and your loved ones, and give the most unforgettable gift.

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