Black Friday 2019 — the biggest event in Ukraine, incredible discounts on Pandora jewelry! In the meantime, we will tell you the story of where the day of crazy discounts came from. Come write down — PROMOCODE >>

Black Friday 2019

On the calendar — November, approaching Black Friday 2019! Many shopping enthusiasts in different countries are looking forward to this event all year round. With what black Friday so attracts buyers from all over the world, what are the origins of sales, what does our online store offer pandora bracelet? Let’s figure it out together?

Black Friday — history and modernity

Black Friday is an opportunity to make the necessary purchases with huge savings and purchase gifts for the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays at very competitive prices.

The tradition of holding sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving originated in American retail chains back in the 70s of the 19th century. This day, Christmas markets open, during which goods of all groups are offered with huge discounts — from 30 to 90%.

Black Friday, what kind of day it is, the citizens of the American state of Philadelphia really learned in the late 60s of the 20th century. The end of the working week after Thanksgiving was marked by crazy excitement in all stores, many kilometers of traffic jams, unrealistic profits of retail chains. It is believed that since the last Friday of November 1966, the tradition of holding promotions, discounts, gifts and bonuses for customers has become ubiquitous in America.

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There are several versions of the origin of the name:

• According to one of them, taxi drivers in Philadelphia dubbed this day because they could not work normally, get to the right time for orders due to the large congestion of cars on city streets;
• the second option — the cash books of the stores were completely filled with black ink, which fills in the receipt of funds, and there were no red lines (losses)

Both stories are plausible enough. The main thing is that a huge number of people are looking forward to this day. Customers leave huge sums in the stores, the owners of retail chains become richer by hundreds of millions of dollars. This day has nothing to do with gloomy events! It is joyful and desirable for all participants in the trading process!

In America, in many stores, visitors queue up from the night to be the first to enter the trading floor. And the doors of shopping centers open from early morning or even at midnight. In Europe, there is no such hype, although Europeans will also know when black Friday this year, and appreciate the opportunity to shop at significant discounts.

In our country, sales on the last working Friday of November began to be held only a few years ago, but have already gained considerable popularity. Online stores are also actively joining the process of holding promotions. In them, you can look after the purchase in advance, and order and buy goods during the sale.

Black Friday at Pandora

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