It is generally accepted that jewelry is the prerogative of mankind, and even then, to a greater extent, of its beautiful half. But the Pandora jewelry catalog (traditional for the brand’s philosophy) has much more to offer, giving new ideas for holidays and gifts.

Why not celebrate Pet Day with a treat for a beloved friend and an unusual gift for yourself?

Catch a life hack on how to turn a modest (and little-known) date on the calendar into a real holiday for a “small” but friendly company!

Step 1. We take care of the treat for your favorite animal. And the one who believes that animals do not understand anything, do not have a special taste and are incapable of experiencing emotions is mistaken. Even scientific studies have confirmed the fallacy of such judgments.

Therefore — choose something delicious, unusual, which is not included in the pet’s daily diet.

Step 2 We create a festive look. On a holiday, you can get a new outfit — both for yourself and for a friend. It is not necessary to update the wardrobe, it is enough to get a new accessory, or dream up with a combination of clothes. By the way, Pandora pendants — those that are in the box, can be used as decorations for yourself and the little animals — as a decoration for a collar or a festive ribbon.

Step 3 We choose a memorable gift — for ourselves, but with thoughts of a pet!

Pandora charms and other types of jewelry created in the form (or with elements of images) of your favorite pets will help with this. There are interesting Pandora chains with pendants in the form of turtles, various breeds of dogs, interpretation of “cat” images. Pandora clips, as well as elegant stud earrings, will please with similar forms.