Jewelry of the famous Pandora brand, which is in demand among modern fashionistas, is distinguished by a combination of versatility and exclusivity of design, impeccable quality and exquisite aesthetics. Pandora bracelet beads, or, as they are often called, charms, became the highlight of the corresponding branded accessories.

Varieties of charms Pandora

Beads for a Pandora bracelet differ in the way they are attached to the base of the accessory. They can be screwed to the rim of the bracelet with a special thread or not threaded (this type of beads is called openworks).

In recent years, the following charm options have become the most popular:

  • beads made of silver, gold and combined (combining these two precious metals) — they are distinguished by a unique texture, such accessories can be covered with a thin layer of enamel and use decor in the form of natural stones or inlaid with pearls;
  • Murano glass beads — these charms, which were first made in Italy using the ancient technologies of the finest manual processing and dyeing, are considered one of the most refined and luxurious (each of these charms is specially cut during manufacture and has many facets);
  • charms in the form of separators — such miniature beads are in the form of rings, decorated with precious stones, rhinestones and serve to fill the free space of the base of the bracelet, helping to highlight larger jewelry elements;
  • letter beads — you can buy these original jewelry as a personalized gift that will emphasize the individuality of the image and the sophisticated style of its owner;
  • beads for bracelets in the form of chic pendants — they look simply amazing and add some zest, charisma, creativity and mystery to your image;
  • Clip-on earrings are a special type of accessories that help to divide the bracelet into equal sections and ensure its symmetry.

Beads for a Pandora bracelet: the theme of jewelry

Beads for Pandora, presented in the assortment of the corresponding jewelry company, amaze with their variety.

Among the dominant themes of these products is an animalistic orientation. Decorating elements depicting animal symbols are always in demand: an owl personifying wisdom, cartoon characters in the form of the Lion King, an inquisitive Flounder fish, Pippo the flying pig and other fairy-tale characters.

A special place among the charms is occupied by beads on the bracelet, which are characterized by festive specifics. So, a bead depicting a monster pumpkin with heart-shaped eyes will be a great gift for Halloween. As a present for a birthday girl, it is appropriate to present a bead in the Disney style «Happy Birthday» or the same spectacular beads with letters, you can buy these and many other fashion accessories at an attractive price in the Pandora store.

For girls of young age, the brand collection presents charming glamorous models depicting flowers, butterflies and hearts, funny kittens and other delicate creatures that not only effectively decorate your wrist, but also always give a great mood and a touch of positive.

Also among the beads you can find samples of various series, addressed to travel lovers, supporters of family and other moral values ​​- friendship, fidelity, sincerity, kindness.

Where can I buy Pandora charms?

You can buy such an exclusive and unprecedented quality decor for branded bracelets at affordable, affordable prices in our online store.

The range of this product, which will pleasantly surprise you with its breadth, variety and uniqueness of modern design solutions, is constantly updated. Among such products there will always be exactly the one that will please you or will be the best gift for your loved one.

By collecting the appropriate accessories to give your bracelet an updated look, you will not only transform the look of your favorite piece of jewelry, but create your own story filled with real magic, inspiration, fantasy and an unforgettable fairy tale!


❤️ How many beads can fit on a Pandora bracelet ❓

Since charms are usually equipped with narrow rings for pendants, the bracelet base can fit up to two dozen of the corresponding elements. However, it is important to observe the measure in the decor of the accessory, otherwise it will look tasteless.

⏩ Are there beads that go with any clothes ❓

Yes, these are laconic, solid colors, especially in the universal metallic color — they will be ideally combined with evening dresses, and with such simple everyday things as jeans and a sweater.

⏩ What the elements of Pandora bracelet jewelry can tell about ❓

The corresponding decor, most often, has a symbolic meaning: it tells about the tastes of its mistress, her hobbies, experiences, moral principles, religion and much more.